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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Material Science and Metrology

arrow13Diamond Wheel Saws

Low Speed Diamond Wheel Sawarrow13The Model 650 Low Speed Diamond Wheel Saw is discontinued

Please see its replacement, the UltraSlice Precision Macrotome.





Model 660 Low Speed Diamond Wheel Sawarrow13The Model 660 Low Speed Diamond Wheel Saw is discontinued

However we do still offer many accessories:

arrow13Model 66001 Single-Axis Goniometer

The Model 66001 has a graduated scale with a 0.2° vernier and can be rotated 360°. This rotational capability makes it ideal for precisely slicing single crystals. The sample is mounted to a block using a low melting point wax and the block is subsequently clamped into the Model 66001. Wax mounting of the sample ensures that the cut piece will remain attached to the holder and will not be damaged by falling after being cut.

arrow13Model 66004 PetrographicSample Holder

The Model 66004 is designed to use a vacuum to hold 2.5cm x 5.0cm glass plates, onto which petrographic or other samples are waxed, while making saw cuts parallel to the glass plate. The glass plate is held against a stainless steel support plate with vacuum and is placed firmly against 3 locating pins to maintain its position.

arrow13Model 65005 2-Axis Goniometer

The Model 66005 is a 2-axis goniometer used for orienting and cutting single crystals. The Model 66005 can be mounted on an x-ray track for orientation using the Model 66011 Track Mount and then transferred to the Model 650 for cutting. With the sample mounted to the goniometer, the vertical axis can be rotated ± 50° from the 0.2° vernier on the arm.

arrow13Model 66006 Vise

The Model 66006 Vise is designed to hold flat, round and irregularly shaped samples without the need for a mounting wax. The entire vise can rotate 360° in the horizontal plane. An extended v-notch jaw enables the mounting of cylindrical samples up to 1.25" in diameter including encapsulated metallurgical samples.

arrow13Model 66007 Right Angle Holder

The Model 66007 Right Angle Holder is designed to hold mounting blocks parallel to the saw blade.
The Model 66007 accommodates stainless steel mounting blocks up to 1.5" in diameter which are directly transferable to the lapping and polishing fixtures.

arrow13Model 66011 Track Mount

The Model 66011 Track Mount is designed to mount the Model 65005 2-Axis Goniometer onto a 1.99" or 2.19" wide x-ray or optical track for crystal orientation.

arrow13Model 66013

Reservoir Adapter (optional). This adapter allows 3" and 4" diameter wheels to be used with the Model 660.

arrow13Model 66099 Starter Kit for Model 660

Includes a supply of commonly used consumable items and spare parts.

50180-01 Single Axis Goniometer Model 66001 each 450.00 Add to Cart
50180-04 Petrographic Sample Holder Model 66004 each 895.00 Add to Cart
50180-05 2-Axis Goniometer, Model 65005 each 1,300.00 Add to Cart
50180-06 Vise Holder Model 66006 each 825.00 Add to Cart
50180-07 Right Angle Holder 66007 each 475.00 Add to Cart
50180-08 Ball Joint Holder 66008 each 1,300.00 Add to Cart
50180-11 Model 66011 Track Mount (for 3.625"-4"H) each 1,600.00 Add to Cart
50180-12 Dressing Stick Holder #66012 each 550.00 Add to Cart
50180-13 Reservoir Adapter Model 66103 each 160.00 Add to Cart
50181-01 Arbor Bearing each 30.00 Add to Cart
50181-02 Motor each 165.00 Add to Cart
50181-03 Drive Belt (1 Required) each 17.00 Add to Cart
50181-04 Drive Belt (2 Required) each 31.00 Add to Cart
50181-05 Drive Belt each 40.00 Add to Cart
50181-06 Arbor spacer (1.00") each 37.00 Add to Cart
50181-07 Arbor spacer (0.125") each 32.00 Add to Cart
50181-08 Arbor spacer (0.5") each 35.00 Add to Cart
50181-09 Arbor spacer (1.5") each 44.00 Add to Cart
50181-10 Support Collars (2.4") each 70.00 Add to Cart
50181-11 Support Collars (1.87") each 70.00 Add to Cart
50181-12 Support Collars (1.37") each 70.00 Add to Cart
50181-13 Arbor End Screw each 52.00 Add to Cart
50181-14 Mounting Block Kit each 49.00 Add to Cart
50181-20 Coolant Reservoir each 32.00 Add to Cart

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