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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Material Science and Metrology

arrow13Grinder, Otolith Polishing, and Micro Polisher

Micro-Mill® Grinderarrow12Micro-Mill® Grinder

For fast, high-speed grinding of small samples from 20 to 50 mm (¾" to 2"). The unit comes with a stainless steel or hard-faced blade which rotates at speeds up to 12,000 rpm and will successfully grind bauxite, bone, ceramics, coal, Devorda's alloy, fertilizer, filter paper, fly ash, frozen tissue, glass, grain, kaolinites, leaves, limestone, muscle tissue, pharmaceuticals, pigment blends, plastics, rocks, roots, seeds, slags, soil, teeth, wood, etc. The grinding chamber measures 2⅛"dia. x 1" deep (54 x 25 mm). Its overall dimensions are 5½" x 7" x 11" (H) (14 x 18 x 28 cm). It comes with a 6 FT. (1.8m) 3-wire cord and grounded plug. Power: 115V, 60Hz or 220V, 60Hz.


  • The grinder operates only when the cover is latched and in place. This provides safety and prevents sample loss.
  • The temperature of the grinding chamber can be maintained by means of built-in heat exchangers. ¼" (6.4mm) tubing connections on the cover and housing accept tubes for circulating water, methanol/dry ice liquid, or liquid nitrogen.
  • The cover, grinding assembly, and milling blade head are removable for easy cleaning.
  • The aluminum housing has an epoxy finish and non-skid rubber feet.
  • The control panel has an overload protection reset button and a pilot light.
  • The 1/5 horsepower (150 watts) motor develops a torque of 30-ounce-inches (2.2 Kg-cm) at 12,000 rpm.

Ordering Information:

Micro-Mill® 1, with stainless steel blade, 0-5 minutes electrical timer with an ON position for continuous operation.
Micro-Mill® 2, with hard, stellate faced blade, with a momentary hold-down switch.

50100-01 Micro-Mill® Grinder 1, 115 V each 2,494.00 Add to Cart
50100-02 Micro-Mill® Grinder 1, 220 V each 2,731.00 Add to Cart
50101-01 Micro-Mill® Grinder 2, 115 V each 2,914.00 Add to Cart
50104-01 Replacement Stainless Steel Blade each 29.50 Add to Cart
50104-04 Replacement Stellate-Faced Blade each 114.00 Add to Cart

multilap fish otolith polishing toolarrow12MultiLap™ Fish Otolith Polishing Tool – Model 195

In many materials preparation laboratories the need for high specimen throughput and precision made specimen preparation tools is a difficult bottleneck to correct. The Model 195 MultiLap™ is designed to grind and polish multiple specimens with precise control over each individual specimen. The fixture incorporates up to 6 separate pistons which are used for holding the specimen during preparation and controlling the amount of material to be removed. The piston assemblies allow for specimens of up to 1" diameter to be polished in 10-micron increments. The specimen mounts also provide a means for viewing the specimen in transmitted light, enhancing detection of features that require a light transparent specimen.Wear resistant Delrin® plastic legs provide support and are very gentle on many types of abrasive films and media. Overall, the Model 195 is a versatile and precise instrument for performing any precision lapping processes and is an excellent addition to any specimen preparation lab.


  • Tungsten carbide base resists wear and maintains sample planarity
  • Wide base ensures stability thereby minimizing sample damage and edge rounding
  • Wear ring is replaceable, on some fixtures, which extends the life of the fixture
  • Can be mounted in the Model 920 Lapping & Polishing Machine for semi-automatic processing
  • Micrometer depth control allows precise control over sample thickness
  • Precisely crafted stainless steel construction ensures long life and high precision

Model 195 – 6 Position MultiLap™ Fixture includes

  • 1 x 6 Position MultiLap Base, (#50168-01)
  • 6 x Piston Assembly, (#50168-02)
  • 6 x Sample Holder Ring Mounts (#50168-03)
  • 6 x Delrin® Feet (#50168-04)
50168-95 6-Position MultiLap Fixture, Model 195 each 7,800.00 Add to Cart

Spare Parts and Accessories

50168-02 Piston Assembly each 1,025.00 Add to Cart
50168-10 6-Position Alignment Fixture each 625.00 Add to Cart
50168-03 Sample Holder Ring Mounts each 24.00 Add to Cart
50168-04 Delrin® Foot for Model 195 each 21.00 Add to Cart

micropol polisherarrow12Micropol™ Polisher For TEM & Metallography – Model MC3

Micropol™ polisher is a compact, versatile, electrically controlled, precise mechanical specimen grinder/polisher designed for planar grinding, dimpling, thinning and polishing of specimens in the fields of nanotechnology, semiconductors and material science. The parameters of polishing (speed, load, time, etc.) can be matched according to the properties of the specimen. High quality samples are prepared with minimal efforts by the operator.


  • Rugged, corrosion proof construction
  • MicroPol PartsVariable speed control for precision polishing
  • Quick change bayonet mount bowls
  • Timer for automatic operation
  • Extremely light load for fragile TEM Samples


While the Micropol™ MC3 is well suited for metallographic polishing, it has been specially designed for precision TEM polishing applications. Two types of specimen holders are provided with each unit that makes it ideal for the preparation of both planar and dimpled samples, respectively.


The arm of Micropol™ moves the specimen holder or the specimen itself in a semi-random geometric pattern gently pressing it to the bottom of a bowl containing suitable abrasive material. The abrasive material can be grinding paper or suspensions of polishing compound deposited on polishing cloth.


Power Supply 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption max. 85 W
Moving Speed of the Arm 30-60 scans/min, electronically adjustable
Load 0-5 N, mechanically adjustable
Timing 1-3600 sec, electronically adjustable
Maximum sample size about 10-15 mm in diameter
Moved mass max. 150 g
Dimensions 251 mm x 220 mm x 181 mm

System Configuration

  • Main Unit
  • Accessories shipped with the equipment
    • Flat plastic polishing bowls (4 pieces)
    • Spherical bowls for dimpling: Cu, Al, Plastic lining, Empty bowl (1 piece each)
    • Specimen holder for flat bowl (1 piece)
    • Specimen holder for spherical bowl (1 piece)
    • Thickness Measuring Kit
    • Starting Kit of Consumables (abrasive papers, polishing cloth, samples of abrasive diamond pastes and thermoplastic wax)

Consumables Necessary for Operation of MicroPol™ Polisher

  • Abrasive papers (in about 300-800 grit sizes)
  • Polishing cloth (e.g. PELLON type)
  • Abrasive diamond paste or abrasive suspensions (diamond, Al2O3, SiC) in grain sizes of 1 and 10 mm for polishing
  • Transparent thermoplastic wax solidifying below 135°C for fixing the specimen to the steel stub of specimen holder (e.g. mounting wax, dental wax, or similar)


50174-MC2 MicroPol™ Polisher, MC3 each 5,400.00 Add to Cart

Accessories Shipped with Equipment

1. MC-PBC Polishing Bowl "C"

Flat plastic bowl: plastic disc coated with Cu foil on both sides (4 pieces).

MicroPol Polishing Bowl


2. MC-PBE Polishing Bowl "E"

4 Spherical bowls for dimpling.

MicroPol Polishing BowlMicroPol Polishing BowlMicroPol Polishing Bowls


3. MC-LPC Loading piece

MicroPol Loading PieceMicroPol Locking Bowl

Locking of the bowl on the bayonet lock. Locking direction indicated by arrow.


4. Specimen Holder
MC-SHC Specimen holder 'C' MC-SHE Specimen holder 'E'

Scale for positioning thickness
Cross-section showing the sample holder rod and the correct position of the sample.


5. Thickness Measuring Kit

MicroPol Thickness Measuring Kit


6. Starting Kit of Consumables

Contains all the consumables necessary for operation of MicroPol™ Polisher

  • Abrasive papers cut small discs in the size of the polishing bowls (in 320 and 800 grit sizes) - 2 pcs each
  • Polishing cloth (PELLON type) cut small disc in the size of the polishing bowls - 2 pcs
  • Samples of abrasive diamond pastes in grain sizes of 1 and 10 mm for polishing - 1 sample each
  • Sample piece of thermoplastic wax

Spark Cutter and Accessories arrow13arrow13