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arrow13Instrumentation: Spark Cutter, Micro Diamond Saw, and Micro Hotplate

msdsmsdsarrow13XTEM TEM Sample Preparation Kit

EMS offers this kit specifically for the preparation of cross-sectional TEM (XTEM) specimens.

For the study of interfaces (such as semiconductor devices, thin film layers, etc.) by transmission electron microscope (TEM) it is critical to use TEM samples of ultimate quality (perfectly embedded, mechanically pretreated and ion milled ones). EMS offers a complete technology and product range for preparing cross-sectional samples of these quality including specially designed mechanical sample preparation tools and embedding ring. The EMS-XTEMprep Preparation Kit offers all the tools and materials that help to prepare high-quality cross-sectional TEM specimens

The Kit includes

  • Microsaw – sectioning tool
  • Micropol – grinder and polisher
  • Microheat – embedding tool
  • Embedding rings ("Ti disc") – 5 of each size
  • Special purpose mechanical tools (HSS) for embedding
  • Ion beam resistant glue
  • LEIT-C conductive carbon cement
  • Thermoplastic transparent glue
  • Diamond paste

Ordering Information

50110-XTEM XTEM Preparation Kit Kit 9,100.00 Add to Cart
55150-MS3 MicroSaw MS3 each 2,880.00 Add to Cart
55110-MH2 MicroHeat MH4 each 840.00 Add to Cart
50174-MC2 MicroPol™ MC3 each 5,400.00 Add to Cart
55110-TIR TI Embedding Rings 5/pk 99.50 Add to Cart
55110-HSS Mechanical Tool Kit each 700.00 Add to Cart
55110-AT1 Ion Beam Resistant Glue each 135.00 Add to Cart
12667 Leit-C-Plast Adhesive each 49.50 Add to Cart
55110-MW Transparent Glut each 35.00 Add to Cart
50370-40 Diamond Paste 1 Micron each 10.00 Add to Cart

MicroSaw – Diamond Sawarrow12MicroSaw – Model MS3

A Circular Diamond Saw for Precision Cutting under Stereo Microscope

MicroSaw is a small, versatile diamond wheel saw, to be mounted under a standard laboratory microscope. The precision offered by such an optical alignment makes MicroSaw ideal for cutting and sectioning required during the TEM specimen preparation. The compact design and easy operation, MicroSaw allows the user cut almost any solid material with precisely and reproducibly prior to thinning for TEM. Thin ceramic, semiconductor material, hard metals can be further sectioned with 0.01mm accuracy!


The Model MS3 MicroSaw is driven by an electric motor through a helical transmission. The 12V DC is provided by the power supply subunit. The speed at which the wheel turns is continuously adjustable. Adjustment of the specimen position, arm contact point, arm tension and the down-stop control mechanism is possible. Two adjustment screws at the bottom of the instrument allow positioning of the stand, and leveling the MicroSaw underneath of the stereomicroscopy for precision sectioning.


Input power 12 VDC
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions 260 mm x 150 mm x 80 mm
Diamond wheel size 50mm diameter, 0.15mm thick
Diamond wheel type AC32 63/50
Maximum Sample Size ~ 10 x 10 mm
Minimum slice thickness ~ 100 microns

System Configuration

  • Switching power supply 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • MicroSaw Model MS3 with 1 diamond wheel (#55150-10)


EMS # Description Qty Price  
55150-MS3 MicroSaw, Model MS3 each 2,880.00 Add to Cart
55150-10 Replacement MicroSaw Diamond Wheel each 240.00 Add to Cart

MicroHeat is a small compact hot platearrow12Microheat – Model MH4

Thermoplastic gluing under stereo microscope

  • Heat stabilized
  • Small
  • Ideal for thermoplastic gluing


Microheat is a heat stabilized small hot plate combined with power supply designed for embedding samples and for thermoplastic gluing under stereooptical microscope. The Microheat was developed to make the embedding procedure easier. Due to its small dimensions it can be easily placed on the specimen table of the stereooptical microscope and this way gluing faults can be avoided. This result is especially important in case of samples requiring bubble-free sticking (e.g. cross-sectional samples for electron microscopy).


The Model MH4 is relatively simple to operate. The temperature of the hot plate can be adjusted continuously in a wide range and is kept constant by the built-in electronic. A control circuit maintains the temperature of the heated surface within +5 degrees Celsius. The actual temperature is displayed on the top of the tool. The temperature of the heated surface usually reaches the preset temperature within 1-3 minutes.


Power Input 12V DC, 1.2 A
Power consumption 14 W
Temperature Range 50-150°C
(continuously adjustable)
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 30 mm

System Configuration

  • Switching power supply 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • MicroHeat unit
55110-MH2 Microheat, Model MH4 each 840.00 Add to Cart

55110-TIRarrow12Ti disc Embedding Ring for TEM sample preparation

The most difficult step of cross-sectional thinning is the mechanical preparation of the sample, i.e. cutting a cross section and then embedding it into an appropriately designed ring.

We now offer a convenient, specially designed embedding ring for cross-sectional samples, shown schematically in Figure 1.

Using this ring, embedding cross sections is greatly simplified, since the samples do not need to be glued together prior to embedding. In order to fix the sample(s) in the ring it is deformed mechanically by an appropriate tool at the two points marked by the arrows. This deformation will both hold the sample in the ring and press both sample pieces together before gluing.

Ti disc is also offered for embedding bulk samples of brittle material for plan-view TEM investigations. The rings come in 5 sizes, 0.6, 0.8 1.0, 1.2, and 1.3 mm.

55110-TIR Ti Disc Embedding Rings 5/pk 99.50 Add to Cart

MicroHeat is a small compact hot platearrow12HSS Tool Kit

The mechanical sample preparation prior to thinning requires custom made mechanical hand tools. Containing six handy, reliable pieces, this kit has been designed on the basis of practical experience of many users. Some of the tools are suitable for adjusting the sample pieces into the Ti discs, others for removing the excess glue and cutting, or adjusting the seat plate of the sample holder.

55110-HSS Tool Kit each 700.00 Add to Cart

sRotary Disc Cutter and UltraSonic Cutter arrow13arrow13