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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Cameras, Film, and Photography Supplies

arrow13Developing Tanks, Film Racks, Tongs, Squeegees and Dryers

bamboo print tongsarrow12Bamboo Print Tongs

These rubber tipped bamboo tongs are ideal for handling films during processing. 9"(L).

74818 Bamboo Tongs set of 3 22.00 Add to Cart

Paterson® Print Tongsarrow12Paterson® Print Tongs

These tongs have textured side panels which offer a firm grip and deeply notched "shoulders" which avoid slippage into the tray. The tongs are all plastic and chemically resistant. Tongs are color-coded in light and dark gray to help minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

74817 Paterson® Print Tongs 2/set 11.00 Add to Cart

paterson chemical mixerarrow12Paterson Chemical Mixer

This ergonomically designed mixer is specially shaped for efficient stirring and incorporates a particle crusher. It is invaluable when making up solutions either from liquid concentrates or from dry powdered chemicals.

74394 Paterson Chemical Mixer each 22.00 Add to Cart

technical data sheetpaterson super system 4 developing tanksarrow12Paterson Super System 4 Developing Tanks

The super System 4 is simpler to load, faster to fill, and easier to clean than any other tank. It has a large diameter one-piece lid and funnel, which clips into place positively and securely enabling the tank to be filled and emptied quickly. The Paterson 35mm tank takes a single 35mm film; the Paterson Universal tank takes two 35mm films or a single 120/220 film.

Supplied complete with one 35mm/120/220 Auto Load Reel, Watertight EVA cap prevents leakage during inversion agitation. Uses less than 300 ml solution for a single 35mm film.

74342-14 Paterson 35mm Tank and Reel set set 36.00 Add to Cart
74342-15 Paterson Universal Tank and Reel set 34.00 Add to Cart

paterson auto load reelarrow12Paterson Auto Load Reel

Designed for use in the Paterson Super System 4 tank, the Auto Load Reel allows thru free flow of solutions. Paterson Reels have a smooth finish and use the unique twin ball ratchet system. Film loading just couldn't be easier!

74338-01 Paterson Auto Load Reel each 14.00 Add to Cart
74338-06 Paterson Auto Load Reel 6/pk 75.00 Add to Cart

patreson water filterarrow12Paterson Water Filter

This filter may be disassembled and the filter reversed for flushing. This 20 microns filter removes most water borne dust and dirt and it fits most modern tap sizes.

74337-01 Paterson Water Filter set 24.00 Add to Cart

arrow12 Paterson Force Film Washer

This quick and efficient film washing system fits most domestic taps. It is designed for the Paterson Super System 4 tanks. (Cat. #74342-)

74336-01 Paterson Force Film Washer set 22.00 Add to Cart

developing tanks and floating lidsarrow12Developing Tanks and Floating Lids

Hard plastic tanks and floating lids, comes in 3 different sizes:

(1) ½ Gallon Size (1.9L) Tank:
Outside: 4½ x 6 5/8 x 6 1/8"H (11.4x16.8x15.9cm)
Inside : 3¾ x 6 1/16 x 5 7/8"D (9.5x15.3x14.9cm)
Accommodates: Six of 4x5" (10.2x12.7cm) Kodak Hangers No. 4A - EMS Cat.#74332; or eight Kodak Sheet Film Developing Hangers No. 6 - EMS Cat.#74338.
(2) 1 Gallon Size (3.8L) Tank:
Outside: 5 x 8½ x 7 5/8"H (12.7x21.6x19.4cm)
Inside: 4¼ x 7¾ x 7¼"D (10.8x19.7x18.4cm)
Accommodates: EMS film racks #74350 or #74352
(3) 3½ Gallon Size (13.3L) Tank:
Outside: 8½ x 11¾ x 10 7/8 "H (21.6x29.8x27.6cm)
Inside: 7 7/8 x 10 15/16 x 10¼"D (20x27.8x26cm)
Accommodates: Twelve of 8x10" (20.3x25.4cm) - EMS Cat.#74336


74343 0.5 gallon Tank each 35.00 Add to Cart
74345 1 Gallon Tank each 56.00 Add to Cart
74347 3.5 gallon Tank each 88.00 Add to Cart

ems film racksarrow12EMS Film Rack

Fabricated acrylic rack that is designed to fit with developing tanks above. Sheet film is firmly held in he slots in the side rails while solution is freely circulating inside the tank.

Catalog #74350, overall measurements 3½ x 6 7/8 x 6"H (8.9x17.5x15.2cm), holds 18 sheets of film 3¼ x 4" (8.3x10.2cm)

74350 EMS Film Rack 3¼x4 each 75.00 Add to Cart

ems lucite film racksarrow12EMS Lucite® Film Racks

Fabricated from genuine Lucite®; these racks fit into our 5"x7" developing tanks (EMS Cat. #74343). One end of the rack is extended in length with a cut-out hole to serve as a handle. The racks are designed to accommodate a number of sheets per rack without changing the length of the rack (As the number of the films per rack increases, the space between them decreases).

* Racks for 3-1/4 x4" (8.3x10.2cm) films or plates. Rack measures: 7-9/16" Lx3-3/8"W x 7-7/8"H (19.2cm x 8.5cm x 20cm).

74890-18 EMS Lucite Rack for 18 Plates each 62.00 Add to Cart
74891-18 EMS Lucite Rack for 18 Films each 62.00 Add to Cart
74891-24 EMS Lucite Rack for 24 Films each 66.00 Add to Cart
74891-25 EMS Lucite Rack for 25 Films each 66.00 Add to Cart

* Rack for 4x5" (10.2x12.7cm) films. Holds 12 of 4x5" film, fits into the 5x7" tank. The rack measures: 7-9/16" L x 4-3/32" W x 7-7/8" H (19.2x10.4x20cm).

74895-12 EMS Lucite Rack for for 12 of 4x5" each 70.00 Add to Cart

developing traysarrow12Developing Trays

Laminated styrene developing trays. Wide cross bars and perimeter ribbing provide rigidity and easy cleaning.
3" (76mm) deep.

74360 Size 8x10" Developing Tray each 16.00 Add to Cart
74361 Size 11x14" Developing Tray each 44.00 Add to Cart
74362 Size 16x20" Developing Tray each 76.00 Add to Cart
74363 Size 20x24" Developing Tray each 118.00 Add to Cart

air-evac bottlearrow12Air-Evac® Bottle

For storing chemicals that are air and light sensitive. Suitable for use with all photographic chemicals. As chemicals are used, Air-Evac can be compressed forcing out extraneous air from the bottle contents. Cap is then replaced for an air tight seal.

74356 Air-Evac Bottle, 1 qt (0.95L) each 12.00 Add to Cart

graduated pitchersarrow12Graduated Pitchers

Gracefully proportioned, molded pitchers with large comfortable handles, metric graduations and well designed pouring spouts. They resist heat to 175°C (374°F), are shatter-proof and have excellent chemical resistance. Ideal for preparation of photographic chemicals.

74370 Graduated Pitcher, 1000 ml each 11.25 Add to Cart
74371 Graduated Pitcher, 2000 ml each 13.60 Add to Cart
74372 Graduated Pitcher, 3000 ml each 18.50 Add to Cart

roll film washerarrow12Roll Film Washer

For complete washing of your roll film. The vacuum action will gently wash your film to archival standards. This conventional overflow washer lets water in from the bottom and the contaminated water out from the top. The vacuum action washer fills the water from the bottom, but quickly and automatically empties from the bottom by a vacuum syphon action, which discharges all contaminated water 2-3 times per minute. The vacuum action washer also protects your film from abrasions caused by high turbulance and unwinding of the reel, which happenes in conventional washers. Holds 5: 35mm reels

74386 Roll Film Washer each 65.00 Add to Cart

Araldite 502rapid print washerarrow12Rapid Print Washer

Water from 21 powerful jets runs constantly to separate and wash both sides of prints quickly and completely. Agitating water engages and dilutes the hypo, carrying it through the washer and out the opposite side quickly.

The Rapid Print Washer accommodates 10 to 12 full-sized prints in one loading; all size films up to 11x14" (28x35.5cm). Internal measures: 13"x15½".

74387 Rapid Print Washer each 76.00 Add to Cart

paterson auto print washerarrow12Paterson® Auto Print Washer; Standard

Perfect for washing both RC and fiber-based papers. To use, prints are loaded into the cradle which is then lowered into the tank. Faucet pressure gently rocks the print cradle as water continuously exchanges. All prints remain separate and water freely circulates. The washer holds up to 12-8x10" or 24-5x7" prints. *

74353-10 Auto Print Washer; Standard each 219.00 Add to Cart

paterson major print washerarrow12 Paterson® Auto Print Washer; Major

The Major Print Washer is similar to the standard one, but with a larger capacity and a built-in siphon for convenient emptying after use. The Major holds 12-11x14" or 24-5x7" prints.

74353-20 Paterson® Major Print Washer each 419.00 Add to Cart

* Note: For our international users: Standard and Major Print Washers will in fact accept prints to 10x12" (24x30cm) and 12x15" (30x28cm), respectively.

darkroom thermometerarrow12Darkroom Thermometer

Precision Dial Thermometer: easy to read Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales. Hermetically sealed; water proof; will not fog; made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. Comes with an adjustable positioning clamp. Accuracy to ½°.

Model A comes with 1¾" dial with a 6" stem.

Model B comes with 2½" luminescent dial with a 8" stem, ½° graduations and a calibration adjustment wrench.

74388 Model A Thermometer each 25.00 Add to Cart
74389 Model B Thermometer each 37.50 Add to Cart

fluorescent rulerarrow12Fluorescent Ruler

Fluorescent Scale in inches and centimeters. This metric/english plastic ruler is printed with a pink phosphorescent ink that glows in the dark. It is most useful for all fluorescent viewing and fluorescent photographic work. The scale will fluoresce visibly upon illumination with ultraviolet light and serves as a measure of nucleic acid mobility. The scale is 0 to 6" with 1/16" increments on one edge and 0 to 15 cm with 1mm increments on the other.

68137-01 Fluorescent Ruler each 22.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Datamarker V Pens – Permanent Marker

Write on anything. Perfect for every photo. Will not wash off even on resin-coated paper. Comes with a convenient pocket clip and it is permanent, smudge proof, and waterproof.

72122-R Datamarker, Fine Point, Red each 2.50 Add to Cart

film cliparrow12Film Clip

A stainless Steel Paper & Film Clip. Rust proof. Positive grip. Convenient for wall or wire hanging.

Measurements: 3"(L) x 1¾" (W)

74385 Film Clip 2/pkg 12.95 Add to Cart

flim squeegeearrow12Smoothee Squeegee

The Clean Sweep Squeegee that out performs all other squeegees. Unbreakable handle, soft rubber blade, acid resistant, long life, scratch-free, lock in place. Ideal for applying window film.

74821 Film Squeegee, size 9" each 20.00 Add to Cart

yankee film squeegeearrow12Yankee Film Squeegee

Made from rugged high impact styrene with a 4" long and 1" wide cellulose sponge. Easy to handle and it accommodates all films up to 4x5".

74822 Yankee Film Squeegee each 9.00 Add to Cart

paterson rc print squeegeearrow12Paterson® RC Print Squeegee

Extra soft rubber blades and a unique floating-action lower blade pre-vents any damage to the print surface. Suitable for both RC and fiber-based papers. The Print Squeegee handles prints up to 16x20" (40x50cm).

74823 Paterson® RC Print Squeegee each 52.00 Add to Cart

paterson rc rapid drying rackarrow12Paterson® RC Rapid Drying Rack

For air drying up to 20 RC prints in 15 min. Its compact design permits maximum ambient air circulation and prevents trapping of water between the print and the rack. The rack is also suitable for use with fiber-based paper. Print capacity: 5- 11x14"; 10-8x10"; 20-5x7".

74839 Paterson® RC Rapid Drying Rack each 73.00 Add to Cart

thermostatic dryerarrow12Thermostatic Dryer

For RC and fiber base papers. It accommodates one 11x14", two 8x10" or eight 4x5" prints at once on each drying surface. Fast start; Quick drying; No over heating. Has maximum uniformity of surface heat. Made from a highly polished chrome Ferrotype metal. Drying surface: 12x17" (30.5x43.1cm)

74836 Thermostatic Dryer each 169.00 Add to Cart

rc filter flow air dryerarrow12RC Filter Flow Air Dryer

This RC Filter Flow Air Dryer means 5 minutes to perfect flat, and spotless RC prints or films. A built in Air Filter eliminates dust. It is thermostatically controlled for optimal drying temperatures.

Accommodates four 11x14" prints. Overall measurements: 19½x14x7¼"(H) (49.5x35.5x18.5cm)

74838 Flow Air Dryer each 795.00 Add to Cart

Cutters and Rotary Trimmers arrow14arrow14