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arrow13Easels and Enlargers

two-band enlarging easelarrow12Two-Band Enlarging Easel

This two-band enlarging easel eliminates slip ups. Bands have perfectly square margins. They will not shift once positioned, but they can be moved if desired by applying pressure to the control knobs.

74375 Easel Size 8"x10" each 94.00 Add to Cart

Saunders Enlargerarrow12Saunders / SLP 670-Series Medium Format

The 670-series enlargers accept all negative formats up to 2¼" x 2¾" (67 cm) and share the same chassis assembly, negative carriers, and lensboards. The lamphouses are interchangeable and their differences are noted under each catalog number.

NOTE: This product is no longer available. For remaining stock items, please see the ordering table below.

All 670-Series enlargers have the following features:

  • A massive, aluminum girder locks into a die-cast base-sturdy and vibration-free. It permits 18X magnification from 35MM. The anodized black girder comes with a reference scale.
  • A counterbalanced, die-cast carriage with nylon bearings offers smooth and effortless travel.
  • Precise focusing - through double rail, lash-free, adjustable friction drive controls. Left/Right-handed focusing knobs are standard. An extra long bellow facilitates small prints or reductions.
  • A large baseboard allows you to print 16x20's. All surfaces are laminated and the edges are vinyl banded.
  • Extremely high-quality, hinged negative carriers in both glass and glassless models.


Maximum Format 2¼" x 2¼" (6 x 7 cm)
Base Dimensions 18" x 23" x 1"
Girder 42"
Max. Height 48" (Carriage fully raised)
Electrical 120VAC, 50/60Hz
Magnification on 17.6X (35mm neg., 50 mm lens)
baseboard 8.6X (6x6cm neg., 75 mm lens)
Lens Mount Standard 39mm thread on reversible, rotating, quick-change lensboard
Shipping Supplied in two cartons:
Carton Contains Dimensions Weight
#1 Chassis/Head Assembly 45.5 x 9.5 x 12.5" 35.0 lbs
#2 Baseboard 26 x 20.5 x 3.5" 13.5 lbs

1. Universal Glass-Type Masking Negative Carriers

  • Features four individually adjustable masking blades and removable glass inserts.
  • Accepts accessory anti-Newton glass.
  • Top and bottom glass can be removed to convert it to a single-size glassless carrier by means of lock-in inserts.
74868-40 Anti-Newton Top Glass each 41.00 Add to Cart

Saunders Enlargersarrow12Saunders/LPL 4 x 5" Enlargers: Series 4550XLG and 4550-II

These enlargers have common a lamphouse and chassis configuration with different slide-in filtration modules, depending on the model. 4x5" enlargers accept all film formats from 35mm to 4 x 5".
The 4550XLG has a longer column and an extended chassis, a larger baseboard, and a higher output lamp.

NOTE: This product is no longer available. For remaining stock items, please see the ordering table below.

All Saunders/LPL 4 x 5" Enlargers Feature:

  • A massive oversized column assuring strength, rigidity, and a vibration free environment.
  • A factory-aligned carriage and column for perfect alignment and elevation.
  • A convenient elevation system with a hand grip for rapid lifting and a drive knob for finer changes. It has a separate locking knob.
  • Voltage-stabilized, solid-state power supply with US electronics
  • Diffusion illumination.
  • An Interchangeable Diffusion Chamber and Light Multiplier (4 x 5" supplied), and rotating lens boards.
  • Built-in, vibration-free, noiseless blower and a heat sink.
  • A fully counterbalanced carriage.
  • Geared, dual-range, fast-fine focus control.
  • Dual stainless steel focusing rails.
  • Extra-long, heavy-duty extruded girder.
  • A fully laminated, oversized, neutral gray baseboard with a vibration-dampening double plate.

Supplied with: Quartz-Halogen lamp. Regulated solid-state power supply. Swing away combination red safety filter and under-the-lens-holder.

Does not include: A negative carrier, lens or lens mount (see accessories list).

arrow12Four-Bladed Masking Attachment

Mounts on the negative stage in place of standard negative stage plate to provide masking with optional 4x5" glass (universal) carrier.

Cab can also be used with the standard glassless carriers

74876-10 4x5" Enlarger Power Supply each 668.00 Add to Cart

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