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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Cameras, Film, and Photography Supplies

arrow13Automatic Print and Film Processor

arrow12The MohrPro is no longer available, but we still offer the chemicals

Chemicals for MohrProarrow12Chemicals for MohrPro

All chemicals are concentrated. One quart (0.95 L) of concentrate mixed with water will make one gallon of working solution.

74961-01 R-201 Developer msds 1 qt 18.00 Add to Cart
74961-10 R-201 Developer 12 x 1qt 172.00 Add to Cart
74962-01 R-202 Fixer msds 1 qt 16.00 Add to Cart
74962-10 R-202 Fixer 12 x 1qt 145.00 Add to Cart
74963-01 R-203 Hardener   1 qt 14.00 Add to Cart
74964-01 R-204 Defoamer msds ¾ oz 8.00 Add to Cart
74965-01 R-401 Dev/Activator Cleaner   1 qt 19.00 Add to Cart
74965-03 R-401 Dev/Activator Cleaner   3 x 1qt 45.00 Add to Cart
74966-01 R-402 Fix/Wash/ Cleaner   1qt 19.00 Add to Cart
74966-03 R-402 Fix/Wash/Cleaner   3 x 1qt 45.00 Add to Cart

Developing Tanks, Film Racks, Squeegees, Tongs, and Dryers arrow13arrow13