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Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13Microarray Hybridization Systems

LifterSlip™ Premium Printed Coverglassarrow11LifterSlip™ Premium Printed Coverglass

arrow11A. LifterSlip™ Premium Printed Coverglass

LifterSlip™ offers a simple solution to the problem of hybridization non-uniformity. An innovative raised edge design provides separation and allows for even dispersal of hybridization solution between the DNA chip and coverslip. LifterSlips™ allow for increased data quality by eliminating gradients caused by floating standard coverslips on hybridization solutions. The printed bars allow for easy injection of hybridization solution under the pre-positioned coverslips. Capillary attraction ensures that LifterSlip™ stays in place.

Depending on size and design configuration LifterSlip™ can hold a range of volumes.

LifterSlip™ is #2 thickness (0.20-0.22 mm) and the bar height is 0.04-0.06 mm.

Cat. # Bar
Size (mm) Approx.
per oz.
per oz.
72184-40 .75 20.84µl 22 x 40 59 86.00 Add to Cart
72184-44 .75 22.90µl 22 x 44 53 86.00 Add to Cart
72186-25 .75 14.93µl 25 x 25 83 86.00 Add to Cart
72186-35 .75 20.90µl 25 x 35 59 86.00 Add to Cart
72186-36 .75 21.50µl 25 x 36 58 86.00 Add to Cart
72186-40 .75 23.89µl 25 x 40 52 86.00 Add to Cart
72186-42 .75 25.08µl 25 x 42 49 86.00 Add to Cart
72186-44 .75 26.27µl 25 x 44 47 86.00 Add to Cart
arrow11B. mSeries Lifterslip™

Solving the problem of hybridization non-uniformity

mSeries LifterSlip™ are manufactured from 1mm thick glass specially drawn for flatness and superior surface quality. The 1mm thickness has increased stiffness that reduces variation in hybridization fluid volume. Precise ink printing provides an innovative raised edge design for consistent dispersal and easy injection of hybridization solution under the prepositioned lifterslip.

mSeries Lifterslip™ Features

  • 1mm thick
  • Uniform disposal of hybridization solution
  • Reduced hybridization fluid volume variations
  • Superior flatness - substrate does not flex or bow
  • Precision cut edges
  • Superior surface quality
  • Consistent flatness


Catalog Size Aprox. volume Pieces / box Price  
72181-40 22 x 40mm 29µl 50/bx 90.00 Add to Cart
72183-25 25 x 25mm 23µl 50/bx 90.00 Add to Cart

mBox® – microarray handlingarrow11mBox® in Microarray

Using mBox® – microarray handling without removing slides!

  • Immerse 20 slides in liquid during blocking, denaturating, and post-arraying
  • It separates and prevents slide damage during shipping and processing
  • Optimally designed rack spacing for easy slide removal
  • Fits standard microtiter plate formats for centrifuging
  • Manufactured to prevent slide contamination
  • A convenient removable handle available


mBox withstands boiling water without softening
Material Polypropylene
Maximum continuous use temperature 220°F (104°C)
Melting point 334°F (168°C)
Measures 5"L x 3½"W x 1½"H (127mm x 89mm x 38mm)


72188-01 The mBox® each 14.25 Add to Cart

arrow11Premium Substrate for Microarray™

Premium substrates for microarray™ is used on a standard microscope slide 1 x 3", selective glass. All of the following slides are pre-packaged in a secure, no-contact mBox™, then vacuum-sealed in a foil barrier bag prior to shipping. Each package contains 20 slides.

Premium Substrate for Microarrayarrow11UltraClean™ Glass Slide

A premium substrate ready to coat with your chemistry.

UltraClean™ substrate provides users with a pristine glass surface which can be used in any coating process compatible with glass such as silanization and polylysine. Manufactured from the highest quality low fluorescence glass.

UltraClean substrates are manufactured in a precise and controlled process incorporating HEPA filtration. This ensures a clean and consistent surface for optimum performance in microarray applications.


  • Slides are available with ES – Enhanced Surface Treatment. ES Surface treatments produce a smaller, more uniform spot size without having to change your protocol

Glass Specifications

  • Flatness is <10µ variation over a 76mm diagonal interval
  • 60/40 scratch-dig surface quality
  • Soda-lime silicate glass
  • 0.98 – 1.02 mm thickness
  • Edges: plain cut
  • Standard size: 25.10 x 75.36 ±0.38 mm
  • Thickness: 1.00 ±0.02 mm
  • Maximum edge chip: 0.05 mm
  • Coating: none
  • Printable area: 20 x 70 mm
63472-UC UltraClean Slide 20/bx 234.00 Add to Cart
Aminopropylsilane Coated Substratesarrow112. Aminopropylsilane Coated Substrates

SuperChip™ Aminopropylsilane coated substrates are designed for microarrays fabricated with the PCR products as probes. Manufactured from the highest quality, low fluorescence glass, SuperChip features a consistent, superior surface coating to provide a uniform DNA immobilizing surface. The result is the slide that binds an optimal amount of probe while minimizing nonspecific binding of labeled targets assuring high density of reactive groups and eliminating virtually all surface artifacts.

These SuperChip substrates are compatible with commercial microarray spotting and detection system. The SuperChip cleaning and coating process is tightly controlled in a HEPA filtered environment. Quality control includes contact angle and background fluorescence measurement of representative samples.

Glass Specifications

  • Edges: plain cut
  • 60/40 scratch-dig surface quality
  • Contact angle: 40° ± 5°
  • Standard size: 25.10 x 75.36 ±0.38 mm
  • Thickness: 1.00 – 0.02 mm
  • Flatness is <10µm variable across a diagonal of 21mm x 75mm slide
  • Thickness: 1.00 ±0.02 mm
  • Maximum edge chip: 0.5 mm
  • Coating: Aminopropylenesilane
  • Printable area: 20 x 70 mm
63475-AP Aminopropylsilane (APS) Slide 20/bx 352.00 Add to Cart
arrow113. Aldehyde Silane Coated Substrates

Offers a uniform coating of aldehydes for attaching amine-modified DNA

63476-ES Aldehyde / Silane Slide, ES 20/bx 428.00 Add to Cart
63476-EB Aldehyde/Silane Slide, ES /Barcode 20/bx 410.00 Add to Cart
arrow114. Poly-L-Lysine Coated Substrates

Using premium select, low fluorescence glass with a consistent uniform coating of poly-L-lysine these slides yield a dense layer of amine groups for initial ionic attachment of the negatively charged phosphate groups in the DNA backbone.

The DNA can subsequently be attached covalently to the slide by either baking or by UV irradiation. Our aging and packaging techniques ensure a product with a shelf life in excess of 6 months. Each lot is tested for background uniformity prior to shipping. The slides arrive ready for spotting – no pre-washing required.

63478-AS Poly-L-Lysine Slide 20/bx 198.00 Add to Cart

arrow11NUNC™ MaxiSorp™ 96 Well Plates

NUNC MaxiSorp plates have been the certified* ELISA plate industry standard for years. This same surface now sets a new standard for protein multiplexing.

  • Hydrophilic MaxiSorp™ surface binds antibodies, protein and biomolecules
  • Flat bottom, solid polystyrene plates
  • Excellent for chemiluminescent, fluorescent and luminescent arrays
  • Standard plate footprint is compatible with exiting readers
Catalog # 63494-CL 63494-BK 63494-WH
NUNC # 439454 437111 436110
Plate Material Polystyrene Polystyrene Polystyrene
Color Clear Black White
Key Applications Protein & antibody multiplexing, chemiluminescence Protein & antibody multiplexing, fluorescence Protein & antibody multiplexing, luminescence
Method of attachment Hydrophilic Hydrophilic Hydrophilic
Unit per Package/case 5/60 10/80 10/80
Price 369.00 500.00 498.00
Purchase Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart

*Certified for absorption of IgG; CV of <5% between wells; all results are ±10% from the mean and background of all well ±0.005 absorbance units from the mean

NUNC™ 4-Well Slide Processing Disharrow11NUNC™ 4-Well Slide Processing Dish

  • Holds four 25 x 75 mm slides
  • Sterile
  • Clear polystyrene dish and lid
Catalog # 63496
NUNC # 267061
Plate Material Polystyrene
Color Clear
Unit per Package /case 10/100
Price 523.00
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arrow11NUNC 384-Well Plate

  • Natural polypropylene
  • Non-sterile
NUNC™ 4-Well Slide Processing Dish4-Well Slide Processing Dish
Catalog # 63498-LV 63498-ST 63498-DW
NUNC # 267459 264573 269390
Description Low Volume Standard Deep Well
Max Volume, µl/well 58 120 252
Working Volume, µl/well 2-35 10-100 5-240
Unit per Pack/Case 25/100 20/120 5/60
Price 715.00 981.00 657.00
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