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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13mPrep™ System for Specimen Preparation and Grid Staining

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The mPrep™ System saves you effort while protecting and keeping track of valuable samples. The system features two types of purpose-built, microliter-volume capsules – one for specimens, the other for grids. Capsules attach to standard pipettors, which are used to conveniently deliver reagents in measured amounts.

Users get consistent sample preparation with almost no direct handling of specimens and grids. Once the tissue or grid is in its own, labeled capsule, you don't have to touch it again during processing. It is safe, easy-to-handle and clearly labeled. The small, enclosed capsule, reduces reagent consumption. The system adapts to any protocol for biospecimen preparation, grid staining or immuno-labeling. Multi-channel pipettors enable users to increase throughput, with virtually no extra effort. Read more to see how these cleverly designed capsules work!

arrow12mPrep/s™ Specimen Processing Capsules

mPrep/s capsule with specimenmPrep/s

mPrep/s Insertion Tool

mPrep/s™ capsules allow users to fix, dehydrate and embed specimens in a single vessel. They can be used in two ways. The first method is to entrap specimens in the bottom of the capsule using the removable, adjustable screen with the hand-held Insertion Tool (85010-03). The second method is to flex the screen open using the mPrep/s™ Workstation* (85010-06). With the screen opened, the user places a specimen in the screen and orients it to the desired position within the capsule. Once the screen closes on the specimen, it is held in place throughout fixation, embedding, and sectioning. No additional embedding molds are required, and the capsule itself easily fits in the microtome chuck. This capsule is highly recommended for transmission and scanning electron microscopy, but can also be used for any sample preparation.

mPrep/s™ capsules are available in 24/packs or bulk. The hand-held Insertion Tool (85010-03), the Workstation* (85010-06), and additional recommended accessories for use with the mPrep/s™ capsule are located below and at the end of this page.

* The Workstation is required to make use of the orientation feature of the mPrep/s™ screen.

85010-01 mPrep/s™ Capsules with screens 24/pk 144.00 Add to Cart
85010-02 mPrep/s™ Capsules with screens 96/pk 480.00 Add to Cart
85010-03 mPrep/s™ Insertion Tool each 25.00 Add to Cart

mPrep/gmPrep/g detail
arrow12mPrep/g™ Grid Processing Capsules

Each capsule can hold one or two TEM grids securely for staining, immuno-labeling and labeled storage. Grids are protected from loss, misidentification, and damage. Grid-tite™ slots keep grids safe even if an open capsule is dropped.

Grids require handling only twice: when inserted into capsules and when placed in the TEM.

Using a multi-channel pipettor, processing up to 24 grids simultaneously takes no more effort than a single grid. Reagent consumption is as little as 20µl per grid. The chance of grid damage or loss is greatly reduced using these capsules. See mPrep/g™ Pipettor Kits (85010-07 and 85010-08) and additional accessories below.

85010-04 mPrep/g™ Capsules 16/pk 48.00 Add to Cart
85010-05 mPrep/g™ Capsules 96/pk 264.00 Add to Cart

arrow12mPrep/s™ WorkStation for TEM and SEM

mPrep/s workstation

Everything you need to work efficiently while preparing your samples using mPrep/s™ capsules is easily accomplished with the mPrep/s™ WorkStation. Simply load the capsule onto the built-in insertion tool at the center of the workstation, detach the screen from the capsule, use the lever to open the screen and insert the specimen. Then release the lever and re-attach the capsule. Once loaded, the sample requires no additional handling – even for TEM embedding or SEM mounting.

The mPrep/s™ Workstation's polyethylene surface minimizes dulling of dissection tools and is fully immersible for easy cleaning between uses. Molded into the surface are 12 dissection wells to organize your specimens and keep them wet if desired. At the back, 12 capsule wells and 3 screen holders conveniently hold these prior to use. On either side of the workstation, a total of 24 capsule wells can hold loaded capsules and keep them wet while loading into the channels of the pipettor. Single and multichannel pipettor kits are sold separately. Additional recommended accessories for use with the mPrep/s™ Workstation are located the end of this page.


  • Specimens may be oriented using several methods
  • Streamlines specimen processing from dissection to reagent processing
  • Once loaded in capsules, specimens are not touched again – even for TEM embedding or SEM mounting
  • Dissect and load specimens wetted by buffers or fixatives
  • Directly load capsules onto pipettor from Workstation


  • Capsule-based Processing of Biological Tissue for TEM
  • Biological tissues – fix and critical point dry (CPD)
  • Bio tissue cryo-facing
  • Polymer cross-section preparations
85010-06 mPrep/s™ Workstation each 950.00 Add to Cart

single channel pipettor kit
multichannel pipettor kit
arrow12mPrep™ Pipettors

Choose from either single- or multi-channel pipettors built around mPrep/s™ or mPrep/g™ capsules.

  • Single channel 200 µl pipettor
  • Eight-channel 200 µl pipettor
85010-07 mPrep™ Pipettor, Single Channel each 375.00 Add to Cart
85010-08 mPrep™ Pipettor, Multichannel each 711.00 Add to Cart

mPrep™ System Accessories (mPrep/s™ and mPrep/g™ compatible)

85010-11, -12
Tousimis holder

arrow12mPrep/f™ Filter Couplers

Filter couplers prevent the introduction of damaging reagents into pipettors. They also improve the fit of mPrep/g™ capsules on some pipettors. Pack includes 16 filter couplers and a capsule storage box.

Available in two pore sizes:

  1. Standard mPrep/f30™: nominal 30 µm pore size filter appropriate for most applications.
  2. Extreme mPrep/f13™: nominal 13 µm pore size filter for use with biohazards and very aggressive reagents.

arrow12mPrep™ Tousimis® Capsule Holder

Holds up to 6 mPrep/s™ or mPrep/g™ capsules in Tousimis® CPD apparatus

arrow12Microwell Plates

Chemically resistant 96-well plates, 10 per pack, polypropylene


96-well silicone rack provides tight seal to capsule bottoms during incubations or transfer of fluid-filled capsules to ovens and incubators. Autoclavable.

85010-11 mPrep/f30™ Standard Filter-Couplers 16/pk 48.00 Add to Cart
85010-12 mPrep/f13™ Extreme Filter-Couplers 16/pk 48.00 Add to Cart
85010-13 Tousimis® Capsule Holder each 225.00 Add to Cart
85010-15 Microwell Plates, PP, NS, 500uL 10/pk 39.00 Add to Cart
85010-16 mPrep™ Bench each 45.00 Add to Cart
85010-17 Microwell Plates, square well, 1.2ml 10/pk 44.00 Add to Cart
85010-18 12-channel reagent reservoir, polypropylene each 7.59 Add to Cart
85010-19 X-Pierce hairline cross-cut piercable film for automation each 96.00 Add to Cart
85010-20 Piercable aluminum plate sealing foil sheets non-sterile each 96.00 Add to Cart

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