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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Safety Accessories and Supplies

arrow13Spill Control, Clean Up, and Stabilizers

All of us at Electron Microscopy Sciences are concerned for the safety and well being of the microscopy community. For this reason we highly recommend the following publications regarding safety in the lab

    Vernon C. Barber and Deborah L. Clayton, Editors. San Francisco Press Inc., 1985 ISBN 0-911302-56-5
    John J. Bozzala and Lonnie D. Russell. Jones and Bartlett Publishers., 1992 pp. 498-519.ISBN 0-86720-126-6
    J. Bastacky and T.L. Hayes, Scanning 7:255-72., 1985

info available in pdfarrow12Lab-Sorb

Converts Liquid Waste to Solid Waste for Easy Disposal

Convenient – Includes extra durable disposal bags, super absorbant LabSorb granules and a convenient graduated scoop.

Prevents Spills – Reduces the possibility of accidentally spilling liquid waste in the lab. If spills do occur, use LabSorb for safe liquid containment during cleanup.*

Quick – Convert liquids to solids in seconds.

Adaptable – Apply to any volume of liquid waste including 500 ml, 600 ml, 1L and 2L vessels. jar of LabSorb can absorb up to 50 litres of liquid.

Versatile – LabSorb granules can rapidly absorb aqueous or mixed aqueous and organic solvent waste

68552-06 Lab-Sorb Jar 16 oz $37.00 Add to Cart
68552-07 Kit - Lab-Sorb 16 oz jar plus 25 small bags each 55.50 Add to Cart
68552-08 Kit - Lab-Sorb 16 oz jar plus 25 medium bags each 52.50 Add to Cart
68552-09 Kit - Lab-Sorb 16 oz jar plus 25 large bags each 52.50 Add to Cart
68552-10 Variety kit - Lab-sorb plus 15 small, 10medium, and 5 large bags each 52.50 Add to Cart
68552-11 50 small (500 to 600 ml) bags each 31.50 Add to Cart
68552-12 50 medium (1 L) bags each 31.50 Add to Cart
68552-13 50 large (2 L) bags each 31.50 Add to Cart

msdsPolyform-F Free-Flowing Granules arrow12Polyform-F™ Free-Flowing Granules

For Accidental Spills of Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde & other aldehyde solutions

Protection against formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde vapor has never been easier!

Polyform-F is the spill control product of choice for the safe and rapid control of harmful vapors from Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin, and other aldehydes, including Cidex-OPA and Formaldehyde based embalming solutions. Once Polyform-F free flowing granules are applied, the harmful vapors are eliminated in 2 to 3 minutes. Formaldehyde and other aldehyde solution are neutralized and polymerized. This safe reaction leaves a non-hazardous biodegradable polymer, safe and simple for personnel to clean up and dispose of.

Polyform-F may be used in conjunction with Formalex liquid control agent in a spray bottle, for very small spills, vapor control for trash cans, and for hard to reach areas affected by the spill, such as cabinet faces and drawers.

Perfect for use in

  • Hospital & Medical Labs
  • Morgues & Autopsy Suites
  • Histology & Pathology Labs
  • Medical Schools & Universities
  • Hospital G.I. Labs
  • Anatomy and Biology Labs
  • Labor & Delivery Suites
  • Veterinary School Laboratories
  • Operating Rooms
  • Specimen Transportation
  • Specimen Storage Areas
  • Shipping & Receiving Areas
  • Mortuary & Embalming Suite
  • Where ever aldehydes are used
68559-01 Polyform-F Free-Flowing Granules 32 oz 21.00 Add to Cart
68559-02 Polyform-F Free-Flowing Granules 1 Gal 54.00 Add to Cart

Emergency Spill Response Kitsarrow12SRK™ Emergency Spill Response Kits

Ideal solution for small volume chemical users

These kits include Safety Goggles, Gloves, Waste Bags, a Broom/Pan Combination, along with either

Polyform-F™ – for use on formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde,
Solvent Handler – for use on solvent solutions, or
Acid Handler and Base Control – for use on X-Ray fluids, acid/fixer and base or caustic/developer solutions

These response kits are perfect for

  • Medical Labs
  • Histology
  • Pathology
  • Clinical Labs
  • Physicians
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Veterinary Labs
  • X-Ray Labs
  • Industrial Labs
  • Research Labs
  • Pharmacies
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Storage Areas
68560-01 SRK Polyform-F Granular Shaker Bottles, 2 x 32 oz kit 76.00 Add to Cart
68560-02 SRK Polyform-F Granular Dispenser Bottles, 2 x 1 gal kit 150.00 Add to Cart
68560-03 SRK Solvent Handler Granular Shaker Bottles, 2 x 32 oz kit 118.00 Add to Cart
68560-04 Solvent Handler Granular Shaker Bottle, 32 oz each 46.00 Add to Cart
68560-05 SRK Solvent Handler Granular Shaker Bottles, 2 x 1 gal kit 350.00 Add to Cart
68560-06 Solvent Handler Granular Shaker Bottle, 1 gal each 149.00 Add to Cart
68560-07 SRK 2 x 32 oz Acid Handler and 2 x 32 oz Base Control Granular Shaker Bottles kit 118.00 Add to Cart
68560-08 Acid Handler Granular Shaker Bottle, 32 oz each 21.00 Add to Cart
68560-09 Base Control Granular Shaker Bottle, 32 oz each 21.00 Add to Cart
68560-11 Acid Handler Granular Shaker Bottle, 1 gal each 59.00 Add to Cart
68560-12 Base Control Granular Shaker Bottle, 1 gal each 59.00 Add to Cart

FAN Pad-GLarrow12FAN Pad-GL™ Formaldehyde Absorbent Neutralizer Pads

Absorbs & Neutralizes Formaldehyde & Glutaraldehyde, destroying their hazardous vapors

These super absorbent pads are specially treated with Formalex and designed for the ultimate destruction of formaldehyde, 10% NBF formalin, and glutaraldehyde solutions. They were designed to facilitate the reduction of formaldehyde vapors by absorbing and neutralizing formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and other aldehydes. They provide excellent vapor control during gross examination, dissecting, transporting, or transferring formalin fixed tissue. They are also used for vapor control in storage of formalin, formalin fixed tissue containers and for small formalin spills. Once the formalin solution is absorbed, the FAN Pad GL will convert formaldehyde and other aldehydes to a non-hazardous polymer, eliminating the source of harmful vapors making the work area a lot safer. Effective moist or dry, they are the safest and most effective method of controlling air quality in:

Anatomy Autopsy Biology Dermatology Labs
Embalming Suites Endoscopy Formalin Storage G.I. Labs
Gross Dissection Grossing Examination Health Science Labs Histology
Labor & Delivery Morgue Operating Room Pathology
Research Labs Small Spills Specimen Storage Specimen Transport
Tissue Storage Tissue Transport    

Three Sizes Available

arrow12FAN PAD-GL™ Mini

Blue is an excellent background during tissue grossing. Each sheet absorbs & neutralizes up to 20 ml of 10% formalin.
Each Sheet Size: 11" x 10"
330 Absorbent Sheets/case

arrow12FAN PAD-GL™ Small

Absorbs & neutralizes up to 200 ml of 10% formalin.
Working Surface 6" x 14"
48 Super Absorbent Pads/case

arrow12FAN PAD-GL™ Large

Absorbs & neutralizes up to 400 ml of 10% formalin.
Working surface 9" x 21"
30 Super Absorbent Pads/case


Catalog # Size Price/case for 1-5 Price/case for 6+  
63336-01 FAN Pad-GL™ Mini (11" x 10") 25.00 24.00 Add to Cart
63336-02 FAN Pad-GL™ Small (6" x 14") 26.50 25.50 Add to Cart
63336-03 FAN Pad-GL™ Large (9" x 21") 26.50 25.50 Add to Cart

FAN Pad-GLULTRAarrow12FAN Pad-GL™ ULTRA Grossing Pads

A Unique Foundation for Specimen Dissection

A totally new & dry formaldehyde absorbent neutralizer pad. It provides a unique foundation for specimen dissection that absorbs and neutralizes formalin, destroying its harmful vapors while dissecting tissue. Designed to be dense enough to provide exceptional knife suppression, yet soft enough to reduce wear on dissecting blades.

  • Desirable blue background for excellent tissue contrast
  • Exceptional knife suppression while dissecting tissue
  • Soft enough to reduce wear on dissecting blades
  • Excellent formalin absorbent & neutralizer

More applications for reducing formalin vapors:

Autopsy G.I. Lab & Endoscopy Labor & Delivery Surgery & OR Suites
Specimen Storage Areas Specimen Transport Boxes & Coolers Specimen Transport Cart Specimen/Biopsy Cassette Transfers

Three Sizes Available

FAN PAD-GL™ ULTRA, Size: 8" x 11", will Absorb & Neutralize up to 100 ml of Formalin
FAN PAD-GL™ ULTRA, Size: 11" x 15", will Absorb & Neutralize up to 200 ml of Formalin
FAN PAD-GL™ ULTRA, Size: 15" x 20", will Absorb & Neutralize up to 250 ml of Formalin


63337-01 FAN Pad-GL™ ULTRA, 8" x 11" 25/pk 29.75 Add to Cart
63337-02 FAN Pad-GL™ ULTRA, 11" x 15" 25/pk 47.00 Add to Cart
63337-03 FAN Pad-GL™ ULTRA, 15" x 20" 25/pk 84.00 Add to Cart


Designed for those who prefer a dry formalin neutralizer pad

  • Each pad is treated with a liquid formalin neutralizer, processed through a gentle drying process, maintaining the same neutralizing effectiveness as a moist pad
  • Absorbs and neutralizes excess formalin
  • Surface is cut-resistant and durable, providing an excellent grossing platform
  • The medium blue color cutting surface is a key visual benefit providing good contrast while grossing tissue, even when working with the smallest biopsies

Three Sizes Available

FAN PAD-GL™ ELITE, Size: 8" x 11"
FAN PAD-GL™ ELITE, Size: 11" x 15"
FAN PAD-GL™ ELITE, Size: 15" x 20"


63338-01 FAN Pad-GL™ ELITE, 8" x 11" 25/pk 44.00 Add to Cart
63338-02 FAN Pad-GL™ ELITE, 11" x 15" 25/pk 72.00 Add to Cart
63338-03 FAN Pad-GL™ ELITE, 15" x 20" 25/pk 129.00 Add to Cart

msdsTraining ManualFormalin Spill Control; F-gard- ERarrow12Formalin Spill Control; F-gard- ER

For the handling and disposing of formaldehyde containing solutions. It immobilizes, cools, and contains spills. As well, it reduces the escape of formaldehyde gas and significantly reduces formalin concentration. F-gard- ER aids in reducing exposure to formaldehyde gases by immobilizing the formalin and transforming it to an easily removed semi-solid mass. The mass cools rapidly minimizing formaldehyde off-gassing.

24140-01 Formalin Spill Control 11oz 22.00 Add to Cart
24140-06 Formalin Spill Control 6 x 11oz 128.00 Add to Cart

Formaldehyde Spill Response Kitarrow12Formaldehyde Spill Response™ Kit

This kit features FSC-1™ to aid in reducing exposure to formaldehyde gas in the event of a spill. The formalin is transformed into an easily removable semi solid mass. The resulting mass cools rapidly to minimize formaldehyde off gassing.

Kits Contains

  • 1 – 11oz bottle of FSC-1™ solidifier (EMS #24140-01)
  • 1 – Pair vented goggles
  • 1 – Respirator
  • 1 – Open backed gown to protect clothing
  • 1 – Pair nitrile gloves
  • 4 – Scoop/scrapers
  • 3 – Wiper pads
  • 4 – Thirty gallon bags
24141 Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit in Hard case each 214.00 Add to Cart
24141-R Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit, Refill each 179.00 Add to Cart

Training ManualmsdsRED-Z - Fluid Control Solidifierarrow12RED-Z - Fluid Control Solidifier

RED-Z will solidify any water base fluid at a ratio of ¾ oz to 1 full liter.

  • Solidifies, decontaminates and deodorizers
  • Contains chlorine (NaDCC) an EPA registered disinfectant - almost twice the amount recommended by the CDC
  • An Alternate treatment to steam sterilization or incineration
  • For blood and other body fluids
  • Available in a pointed top bottle that fits easily in porthole containers and in a flip-top shaker top bottle for large spills.
24145-10 Red-Z 11 oz 18.00 Add to Cart
24145-25 Red-Z 15 oz 22.00 Add to Cart

SureSeal Sterile Sampling Bagsarrow12SureSeal™ Sterile Sampling Bags

SureSeal™ Bags are gamma sterilized, leaving a virgin interior surface with no toxic residue from gas exposure. Samples can easily be collected by removing the tear strip above the wire closure and pulling on the two external grip tabs to open the mouth of the bag to the desired level. Using the grip tabs ensures sterility and eliminates the risk of contamination from finger contact. Then, introduce the sample into the bag, flip or fold the bag three times, bend the wires and your sample is secure inside the airtight and moisture-sealed bag.

SureSeal™ bags are made of virgin polyethylene for excellent clarity and stregth. They meet USDA, EPA and FDA standards and are sterile, RNase-free, DNase-free and non-pyrogenic. The PVC tab that surrounds the stainless steel wire is extended beyond the wire ends to eliminate the potential for punctures, scratched hands or ripped gloves due to exposure to uncovered wire ends.

Several sizes are supplied with a white printed area that eliminates tapes, labels, etc. and makes markings more longlasting, clearly visible and less prone to smearing. Although these bags can contain up to 55oz. (1600 ml), they fold completely flat and require very little storage space.

62311-01 Sterile Bag, 2 oz, 127 x 76 mm 500/pk 67.00 Add to Cart
62311-02 Sterile Bag, 4 oz, 178 x 76 mm 500/pk 68.00 Add to Cart
62311-03 Sterile Bag, 4 oz, 178 x 76 mm, Printed 500/pk 75.00 Add to Cart
62311-04 Sterile Bag, 18 oz, 229 x 114 mm 500/pk 88.00 Add to Cart
62311-05 Sterile Bag, 18 oz, 229 x 114 mm, Printed 500/pk 108.00 Add to Cart
62311-06 Sterile Bag, 27 oz, 304 x 114 mm 500/pk 125.00 Add to Cart
62311-07 Sterile Bag, 36 oz, 381 x 114 mm 500/pk 142.00 Add to Cart
62311-08 Sterile Bag, 55 oz, 300 x 180 mm 250/pk 149.00 Add to Cart
62311-09 Sterile Bag, 55 oz, 300 x 180 mm, Printed 250/pk 175.00 Add to Cart
Ampoule Breaker; Soft Silicon

arrow12Ampoule Breaker; Soft Silicone

Reusable – Made from soft silicone. It offers a simple way to break pre-scored glass ampoules safely. Accommodates 5, 7, and 10 ml size ampoules. Reduces injury and spillage.

60600 Ampoule Breaker each 16.00 Add to Cart

Ampoule Crackerarrow12Ampoule Cracker™

The Ampoule Cracker™ is a disposable plastic fracture and safety collar, which is specially designed to aid in the breaking open of pre-scored glass ampoules. Simply slip the Ampoule Cracker™ over the top at the pre-scored portion, snap it, and discard both the ampoule top and the safety collar to prevent cross contamination.

60605-04 Ampoule Cracker for Ampoule Size 1-4 ml 500/pk 41.00 Add to Cart
60605-10 Ampoule Cracker for Ampoule Size 5-10 ml 500/pk 41.00 Add to Cart
60605-20 Ampoule Cracker for Ampoule Size 10-20 ml 500/pk 77.00 Add to Cart

Break-Safe Ampoule OpenerBreak-Safe Ampoule opener

arrow12Break-Safe™ Ampoule Opener

EMS Introduces Break-Safe™ allowing you to safely open up to 3 ampoules at one time.

Box style design allows one handed opening of up to 3 ampoules at a time. Gently pressing down on the lid snaps ampoules necks clean while keeping them contained within the device and away from fingers. After removing ampoules contents, simply turn the device upside down over a trash receptacle to safely discard ampoules and tops.


  • Includes 4 inserts to allow opening of 1ml, 2ml, 5ml and 10 ml ampoules
  • Open ampoules easily and safely
  • Transparency allows unobstructed viewing of ampoules contents at all times
  • Copolyester plastic construction has broad chemical resistance
60607 Break-Safe™ Ampoule Opener each 50.00 Add to Cart


For One-Handed Opening and Closing of Microtubes.

Improve Efficiency – Ring design allows researcher to wear the TubePopper on the pipetting hand while pipetting.

Finger Saving – "Pry open" design means tubes pop right open, saving your fingers from the repetitive stress of opening microtubes.

Snag-Free – Bottom portion of TubePopper allows caps to be pressed closed without snagging glove fingers.

Universal – Works with most flat-top and domed microtubes.

One Size Fits All – TubePopper can be worn on any finger so you can find the perfect pipetting fit.

70556-21 TubePopper® each 20.00 Add to Cart
Silicone Lab Mat
Silicone Lab Mat
Purple/Gray, back
Silicone Lab Mat
Yellow/Gray, front
Silicone Lab MatYellow/Gray, back

 arrow12Silicone Lab Mats

Reusable, reliable, and reversible

These Lab Mats are made from a durable FDA approved silicone material that creates a stain resistant washable working surface to help keep benchtops clean and safe from stains, spills and wear. They will also save you waste and money by eliminating repeated purchases and disposal costs associated with disposable paper mats, making them a more environmentally friendly option. When finished with the mat, easily wipe it with any standard disinfectant or put in a dishwasher, to reuse later.

The mat features a large, anti-skid, working surface which helps keep items in place and prevents the lab mat from sliding out from underneath. The mat's surface is also noise dampening, reducing sound from the vibration of common benchtop equipment. It can be used with items such as centrifuges, vortex mixers, hot plates, stirrers, pipettes and so much more. When using magnetic stirrers, the mat has a designated area with internal metal inserts to keep stir bars from wandering around the working surface. It also features a lip design around the outer edge to help contain spillage that may occur, keeping benchtops safe and clean.

  • Made from FDA food grade silicone
  • Ideal for every type of laboratory and more specialized areas such as cold rooms, clean rooms, sterile suites and areas where high sterility is a requirement
  • Protect countertops from hot items up to 200°C (392°F)
  • General chemical resistance from moderate oxidizing chemicals, concentrated sodium hydroxide
  • Not resistant to many solvents, oils, concentrated acids and dilute sodium hydroxide
  • Operating Temp: -50°C to 200°C (-58°F to 392°F)
  • Autoclavable at 121° for 15 minutes
  • Washable
  • Mat can be rolled up for compact storage
77516-01 Silicone Lab Mat, Purple/Gray each 49.00 Add to Cart
77516-02 Silicone Lab Mat, Yellow/Gray each 49.00 Add to Cart

Labmat Benchtop Absorbent Matarrow12Benchtop Mat

A flexible polyethylene film backing which has a highly absorbent upper surface which traps water, dyes, resins, solvents, and radioactive solutions. The sheets can be rolled up and discarded after use. Ideal for daily use in EM labs. Benchtop mat comes in a roll 20" (50.8cm) wide and 50 ft. (15.2m) long in a dispenser carton, or a cut size of 20"x24" sheets.

64445 Benchtop Mat 50' roll each 68.00 Add to Cart
64446 Benchtop Mat Cut Size 20"x24" 100/bx 236.00 Add to Cart

Spill Control Trayarrow12Spill Control Tray

The tray is made from vacuum formed polystyrene ½" (12.7 cm) deep with an external flange.The overall dimensions are 23"x27" (58x69cm). The tray accommodates our Benchtop mat (Cat. #64446). These trays are very useful in the biology or chemistry labs.

64448 Spill Control Tray each 72.50 Add to Cart

Stabilizing Ringarrow12Stabilizing Rings

Vinyl coated lead rings which stabilize glassware that is immersed in water baths; reduces tilting and chemical spills.

Cat. # Weight gm I.D. mm Fits Glassware      
64435 165 20 5-10 ml cylinders each 26.00 Add to Cart
64436 237 48 125-500 ml flasks each 24.00 Add to Cart
64437 454 56 250-1000 ml flasks each 33.00 Add to Cart
64438 681 61 500-2000 ml flasks each 38.00 Add to Cart
64439 908 74 1000-4000 ml flasks each 40.00 Add to Cart
64440 Stabilizing Rings, assorted sizes 5/pk 126.00 Add to Cart

VIKEM Vinyl Coated Lead Sheets and VIKEM Vinyl Coated Lead Wirearrow12VIKEM® Vinyl Coated Lead Sheets

A soft lead sheet coated with Vikem vinyl has many uses for stabilizing laboratory equipment in water baths or any application where extra weight is needed. Small sheets are handy as a hold-down weight for note books, drawings or charts on the table top. Longer sheets may be bent into the shape of the glassware to keep them from sliding or tilting. Coated lead sheets are 0.085" (2.2 mm) thick.

Catalog Dimensions Weight Price  
  in mm lb gm each  
64434-01 2x7 51x178 .36 163 34.00 Add to Cart
64434-02 4x7 102x178 .72 326 33.00 Add to Cart
64434-03 2x12 51x305 .62 281 50.00 Add to Cart
64434-04 6x16 152x406 2.47 1121 47.00 Add to Cart
64434-05 8x24 203x610 4.93 2238 192.00 Add to Cart

arrow12VIKEM® Vinyl Coated Lead Wire

This lead wire is ¼" (6.4 mm) in diameter and is coated with a chemical-resistant red Vikem vinyl. Its 12" (300 mm) length and its flexibility make it a very versatile weight. It can be coiled around a flask, beaker, or any other irregular shape. It weighs only ¼ lb (114g).

64443-00 Vinyl Coated Lead Wire each 35.00 Add to Cart

technical data sheet Weighted Beaker Flask Holderarrow12Weighted Beaker Flask Holder

This weighted holder grips the beaker or flask firmly in four flared stainless steel prongs. The Vikem® vinyl-coated lead ring secured beneath the beaker keeps it immersed in water, providing a low center of gravity which allows water to circulate underneath the beaker.

Catalog Fits Beaker Weight Diameter Price  
  Size ml lb gm in mm each  
64441-01 100 .36 165 2.4 60 112.00 Add to Cart
64441-02 250 .5 237 3.2 80 121.00 Add to Cart
64441-04 1000 2.2 1 kg 4.6 120 66.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Adjustable MAGic Clamp™

One adjustable clamp that accepts 125, 250 and 500 ml flasks. Magnetically attaches to shakers or incubator-shakers.* The patented design allows the user to simply rotate the lever to choose their desired size/position.Adjustable MAGic Clamp™

*Requires MAGic Clamp™ Platform

64441-11 Adjustable MAGic Clamp™ each 43.00 Add to Cart
87010-03 MAGic Clamp™ Platform each 209.00 Add to Cart

Hand Care, Cleansers, and Germicidal Solutions arrow13arrow13