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technical data sheetarrow13LAB-AIR System; Electronic Air Purifiers

A system which complies with OSHA Regulations and minimizes Occupational Exposure To Toxic Vapors.

The System that destroys the odors and fumes and doesn't just mask them.
Toxic vapors are reduced as well!!

Lab-Air Units are designed to eliminate harmful fumes and annoying odors from the laboratory workplace.

How do they work ?

Electronic Air Purifiers produce a controlled level of Ozone electrically by converting molecules of Oxygen (O2 ) into molecules of Ozone (O3). Ozone, sometimes called activated oxygen, as part of the process of returning to oxygen, casts off its extra atom. That extra atom combines with the molecule of the odor's source and thereby destroys the odor by oxidation. Once Ozone's extra atom is consumed fresh air is left behind which was created by a natural process.

Lab-Air Units produce a safe unsaturated level of activated oxygen that neutralizes harmful fumes and eliminates problem odors from organic materials as well as some commonly used chemicals such as: Formaldehyde, Xylene, Toluene, Glutaraldehyde, Alcohol, Acetone.

For instance:

Formaldehyde + Ozone

Formic Acid + Oxygen
Formic Acid + Ozone

CO2 + H2O + O2
Carbon Dioxide* + Water* + Oxygen*

* All Harmless Gases (American Institute of Technology)

What is the best location for our LAB-AIR* System?

Histology/Pathology/EM Labs – There are common odors and toxic vapors which are generated by fixing fluids, staining and embedding materials, autopsy samples, body odors, remains of dead animals and fumes which can exceed the capacity of the fume hood. In these cases these fumes may spread to other areas of the building.

Other Labs with Odors – There are other locations within the hospital or research lab where people are using chemicals such as xylene, glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, etc. where the LAB-AIR* SYSTEM would be very beneficial.

Animal Necropsy – These are odors and fumes associated with the remains of dead animals. These odors can spread, especially in the warmer months, throughout an entire building. The LAB-AIR SYSTEM eliminates this totally.

Features and Specifications:

Lab-Air's Electronic Air Purifiers are CSA approved and come with a two year warranty.
Powered by 110 VAC, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 50 Hz.

Training ManualElectronic Air Purifierarrow12Model PA 2500Features:
  • Programmed timer
  • 2,500 milligrams ozone per hr
  • 120Volts, 75 Watts
  • 14" L x 15" W x 5.5" H
  • Weight: 22 lbs
For 110 VAC:
64490-56 Lab-Air Model PA 2500 each 1,200.00 Add to Cart
Training ManualTraining ManualAccessories for Lab-Air
64492-25 Cleaning Kit for Model PA 2500 kit 120.00 Add to Cart

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