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Gloves Dispenserarrow12Gloves Dispenser - Double ONLY

  • Easy to mount with keyholes, tape
  • Accepts most brands of gloves
  • Color white and clear front
Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64365-02 Double Gloves Dispenser 11.5 4.75 10.25 each 55.00 Add to Cart

Paper Towels Dispenserarrow12Paper Towels Dispenser

  • Clear polycarbonate plastic
  • Holds 3 ¼ stack of “C" fold towels
Cat. # Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64365-20 Paper Towels Holder  10.5 3.75 6.5 each 33.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Lab Hooks

  • Metal free - Unbreakable construction
  • Can be used for lab coat, lab keys, coats, ropes etc
  • Simple installation with either tape or keyhole mounts
64365-41 Single Lab Hook each 17.00 Add to Cart
64365-42 Double Lab Hook each 27.00 Add to Cart

Extra Deep Traysarrow12Extra Deep Trays

These deep trays with dividers, can organize your larger and bulkier supplies. They are constructed of bright white plastic with smooth surface. Available with two depths: 4 and 6 inches, with hinged clear lid if noted. Measures: 17.5" (L) x 19.5" (W), with 4" (H), 6" (H) or 8" (H).

64367-4 4" Extra Deep Tray each 75.00 Add to Cart
64367-6L 6" Extra Deep Tray w/Lid each 112.00 Add to Cart

Tool Holdersarrow12Tool Holder Magnet

These magnets attach to tool holders to help keep your tools ready at your finger tips any time you need them. With this magnet you can secure this holder at any place you want.

64369-00 Magnet Add-on, add each 35.00 Add to Cart

Lab Drawer Organizers - Traysarrow12Lab Drawer Organizers – Trays

We offer a variety of trays for your drawers or to fill in 6-Drawer Cart (64405 series) and 7-Shelf Cart (64406 series). These trays can store and sort supplies of all sizes and shapes. Trays are made of ABS, color white, and chemical resistant.

  Lab Drawer Organizers - Trays Lab Drawer Organizers - Trays
Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64370-20 Large Pipet Tray 19 17.5 2.5 each 56.00 Add to Cart
64370-50 Large Clamp Tray 19 17.5 2.5 each 48.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Small Cavity Trays

These handy trays can be used on their own, or with our Locking Roll-Top Carts (64382 and 64682-50). Each tray measures 14" x 10" x 3" (H).

  Small Cavity Trays Small Cavity Trays
64372-2 2 Cavity Tray each 29.00 Add to Cart
64372-4 4 Cavity Tray each 29.00 Add to Cart

Wash Bottle Holdersarrow12Wash Bottle Holders


  • Protects bench top from spills and stains
  • Provides convenient access to solvent wash bottles
  • Made from chemical resistant plastic that is easy to clean
64373-03 Triple Bottle Holder each 48.00 Add to Cart
64373-22 Double 1 L Bottle Holder each 29.00 Add to Cart
64373-23 Triple 1 L Bottle Holder each 34.00 Add to Cart
64373-24 Quad 1 L Bottle Holder each 41.00 Add to Cart

Pasteur Cylindrical Pipette Holdersarrow12Cylinder Holders

  • Made from polycarbonate
  • Neon-color cylinders, self-standing and see through
  • Ideal for storing Pasteur pipettes on your bench-top for easy to access
  • Neon-Green on special only
64375-03 3" Tall Cylinder Holder, Neon Green each 24.00 Add to Cart
Adjustable Pipette StorageAdjustable Pipette Storage

arrow12Adjustable Pipette Storage Dividers

Adjustable dividers for long volumetric pipettes and columns (pictured).

64377-DV Additional Divider each 15.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Adjustable Compartment Bins

  • Adjustable dividers allow you to change compartment size to fit the items
  • Compact sizes for storing small items
  • Available with clear acrylic doors
  • Save your bench-top space
  Lab Bins Lab Bins
Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64384-14D 14 Compartment & 2 Shelves w/Door 24 10 20 each 245.00 Add to Cart
64384-16D 16 Compartment & 2 Shelves w/Door 12 7.25 11.75 each 138.00 Add to Cart

Pipette Angled Bin Cartarrow12Pipette Angled Bin Cart

White Pipette Angled Bin Cart has 17 angled compartments that store, organize and transport supplies. Made from resistant and durable white ABS. The convenient angled storage bins makes it easy to see, stock and remove pipettes or other long items as needed. With 3 inch non-marking rubber casters and built in handles cut into the top, this cart is easy to move.

  • White ABS cart with angled bin cart with 17 compartments suitable for storage of pipettes or other long items stored best at an angle
  • Made of chemically resistant white ABS construction
  • Ergonomic cutaway handles in top, 3 inch casters, 2 locking
  • Stores pipettes, bottles and other items at a secure angle in separate bins to protect while moving
  • Measures: 22 x 33 x 15 inches (width, height, depth); 37 pounds
64386-44 Pipette Angled Bin Cart each 489.00 Add to Cart

Double Shelfarrow12Double Shelf

Reasonable price for high capacity storage

  • Sturdy & Lightweight, PVC construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety lip keep content on the self securely
  • Chemically resistant
  • Safe lab space
  • Wall mount or bench-top
Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64393-42 Double Shelf 24 8.625 10 each 72.00 Add to Cart

Roll-Top Door Shelvesarrow12Roll-Top Door Shelves

These shelves feature HDPE construction with remarkable roll-top door, which protect your supplies and enhance the appearance of the shelves. The door easily slide open and close. Shelves come with safety lips to keep the contents from falling off.

Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64395-12 Small Roll-Top Door Shelf 12 9 19 each 279.00 Add to Cart

Triple Shelfarrow12Triple Shelf

  • Sturdy PVC construction
  • Lightweight
  • Safety lip keep content on the self securely
  • Ideal for bench-top or wall mount
  • Different sizes to fit your needs
  • Wall mount or bench-top
Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64397-32 Triple Shelf 12 6.625 18 each 68.00 Add to Cart
64397-83 Triple Shelf 24 8.625 18 each 116.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Corner Shelves

  • Transform wasted corner into useful space
  • Handy for your bench or cabinet
  • Made of PVC
  • Available in three sizes
  Corner Shelves Lab Corner Shelves
Cat# Description L" W" H" Qty Price  
64398-3 Small Step Corner Shelf 16.875 8.5 5.75 each 69.00 Add to Cart
64398-4 Small Triple Corner Shelf 16.875 8.5 15.75 each 68.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Drawer Liners

Cat# Description W" L" Qty Price  
64407-01 Ribbed Liner 12 18 each 19.00 Add to Cart