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arrow14QuantomiX Lipid Imaging That Counts

New opportunities for quantitative analysis in metabolic syndrome research

Imagine being able to produce meaningful images of lipids in cells and tissues. The possibilities are endless. QuantomiX WETSEM® technology enables powerful imaging and analysis of hydrated lipids in cells and tissues for fast and reliable quantification.

Monitor Lipid accumulation in Cells

By examing hydrated cell samples, you can set up cell-based assays that mimic metabolic processes that enable reliable mapping of cell differentiation. Your lipid accumulation cell assays do not have to be modified in any way.

EM scanning of hydrated fat cells and tissues for:

  • Fast implementation with minimal preparation requirements
  • Reliable, reproducible and quantifiable results
  • High resolution imaging

Image Fat in Tissues:

Fat cell size distribution and lipid droplet examination in tissues have never been so clear and easy. Just apply the sample in the QX capsules and expand the horizons of obesity and diabetes research.

Figure1: Lipid accumulation in differentiating 3T3-L1 pre-adipocyte cell line (days in culture)

Figure 2 (a): Lipid droplets in rat skeletal muscle; (b) Lipids in porcine white asipose tissue; (c) Lipids in multilocular brown asipose tissue (with Prof. S. Cinti, Italy)

Electron microscopy - right from the cell culture dish

The QuantomiX QX capsule product line enables direct imaging of fully hydrated samples in conventional scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). Wet samples cam be examined, eliminating the need for arduous sample preparation, such as, critical point drying, coating, embedding, and sectioning. Simply place the tissue samples directly in the QX-capsule, or grow cells inside it, to achieve high-resolution imaging and analysis.

A new approach to cell and tissue imaging and analysis

QuantomiX WETSEM® technology leads to a better understanding of biomedical and metabolic processes, for more effective medical, chemical, biological and industrial research. An ultra-thin membrane completely isolates hydrated samples from the microscopes chamber's vacuum. This uniques receptacle permits electron microscopy of samples held in a liquid medium. By combining the functionality of a cell culture dish or tissue specimen holder with an electron transparent, vacuum-tight window, QX capsules enable high resolution imaging of fully hydrated samples of human, animal and plant cells, tissues and fluids, microbial cells and other types of fluids.

QuantomiX WETSEM® technology

  • Eliminates timely sample preparation
  • Acheive reliable, reproducible and quantifiable results
  • Attain EM-level resolution for all types of hydrated samples

Product Information

Wet SEM™ capsules for scanning electron microscope imaging and EDS of fully-hydrated samples are available from the EMS Catalog. Please click here to view the WETSEM® Product Listings or click here to Request a WETSEM® Feasibility Study.

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