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arrow14Imaging Lipid Bodies in Fully Wet Cells and Tissues

WETSEM® Application

High resolution imaging of lipid bodies in biological samples is a known challenge. Preparation of tissue samples for microscopy examination typically wipes lipids off samples, making observation and interpretation of lipid bodies difficult. Lipids in cells are observed only indirectly, requiring special labeling.

This has led QuantomiX to develop the QX capsules, based on WETSEM® technology, designed for immediate and quantifiable high resolution lipid imaging.

The QX capsules present a new opportunity to overcome the limitations of current methods for a better assessment of lipids in cells and tissues.

Direct Lipid Visualization with WETSEM® Technology

The QX capsule, based on QuantomiX proprietary WETSEM® technology, enables direct imaging of lipids in fully hydrated samples using standard scanning electron microscopes. In the pictures below, lipid bodies are clearly visualized in the cellular cytoplasm of 3T3-L1 pre-adipocyte cells.


maging Lipid Bodies in Fully Wet Cells

Firgures 1 and 2: Lipid body visualization in differentiating 3T3-L1 pre-adipocyte cells.

Lipid Research with QX Capsules

WETSEM® technology is particularly suitable for lipid visualization, resulting in high signal-to-noise ratio, tailored for lipid imaging. The sample, placed in a sealed capsule, is separated from the vacuum by a thin electron-transparent membrane, allowing imaging of wet, un-embedded cells and tissues.

The direct, immediate, and reliable visualization of lipids with QX capsules is a major step forward for lipid research.


maging Lipid Bodies in Fully Wet Cells

Figure 3: Intramyocellular lipids in diabetic skeletal muscle in rodent (unstained). In collaboration with Dr. N. Kaiser, Hadassah Medical school.

Figure 4: Cross-section of a mouse spinal cord. The myelin rings are shown in black (unstained). In collaboration with Teva Pharmaceuticals.


maging Lipid Bodies in Fully Wet Cells

Figure 5: Lipid bodies in human polymorphonuclear cells of peripheral white blood cells (stained with Osmium tetroxide).

Figure 6: Lipid bodies in cultured HeLa cells (stained with Osmium tetroxide).


  • High-resolution imaging of wet samples
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Quantifiable
  • Artifact-free
  • Optimal signal-to-noise ratio
  • Lipid visualization

Product Information

Wet SEM™ capsules for scanning electron microscope imaging and EDS of fully-hydrated samples are available from the EMS Catalog. Please click here to view the WETSEM® Product Listings or click here to Request a WETSEM® Feasibility Study.

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