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arrow14QuantomiX WETSEM®

A Technological Breakthrough

  • High resolution imaging of fully hydrated samples
  • Greatly reduces prep time as well as artifacts
  • Capsule and base fits standard SEMs
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Achieve reliable, reproducible, quantifiable results


Electron Microscopy Sciences and Quantomix have joined forces here in The United States to market and sell the breakthrough solutions of Quantomix’s proprietary WETSEM™ Technology. This technology enables scanning electron microscopes (SEM) to image and analyze wet samples such as cells, tissue biopsies, foods and ink, in their native environment. Eliminating the need for time-consuming preparation procedures, the WETSEM™ Technology ensures that sample integrity is not compromised by artifacts. QuantomiX innovative technology opens new opportunities for application specific tools to improve drug discovery, and advances treatment and diagnostic solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical markets.

wet imaging electron microscopeAbout WETSEM® Technology

Electron Microscopy (EM) is a prime tool for high-resolution imaging, which has been the cornerstone of our understanding of living organisms and our material environment.

Because EM requires samples to be placed in a vacuum, it does not lend itself for use with wet samples. In the 50 years since its development, this drawback has been a major impediment in the use of EM for biomedical research, and for many clinical and industrial applications.

Light Microscopy, on the other hand, requires only minimal sample preparation. However, the resolution of light microscopy is limited to a few hundred nanometers.

The revolutionary technology of QuantomiX solves the problem of preparing wet samples for high-resolution imaging. It closes the resolution gap between conventional electron microscopy and light microscopy and offers the convenient sample preparation of
light microscopy.

For the first time, rapid and routine EM imaging of biological samples in a wet environment is now possible without the artifacts normally associated with sample preparation.


The New QX capsule completely isolates wet samples from the vacuum in the microscope chamber. This makes possible the imaging of fully hydrated samples- including food, cosmetics, ink, human, animal, plant, and microbial cells, tissues, and fluids-at resolutions unachievable with light microscopy.

The QX capsule fits the standard SEM specimen stage.

The capsule combines the function of a specimen holder, cell culture dish, or a tissue specimen holder with an electron transparent, vacuum tight window. This unique receptacle permits electron microscopy of samples held in water or any other liquid medium at atmospheric pressure.

Imaging of samples in the QX capsule can be accomplished with backscattered electron detection, x-ray detection, or light detection, to reveal structure as well as material composition.


  • Artifacts associated with sample preparation techniques are eliminated
  • Sample preparation time drastically reduced or completely eliminated
  • Direct imaging of wet samples (food, cosmetics, inks, cells, tissues)
  • Compositional analysis of wet samples by X-ray microanalysis
  • Wide spectrum of staining and labeling capabilities for cells and tissues
  • Ability to image unstained or unfixed cells and tissues
  • Imaging of both adherent and non-adherent cells
  • High resolution histopathology
  • Intracellular imaging in a scanning EM
  • Imaging the entire cell surface
  • Excellent preservation and imaging of lipid structures
  • Easy-to-automate sample processing and imaging
  • Ability to work with a variety of sample consistencies (pastes, foam, creams, emulsions, etc.)


  • Direct imaging of all types of wet samples, including suspensions, emulsions, creams, cells, and tissues
  • Rapid and simplified sample preparation
  • Compositional analysis of wet samples by X-Ray analysis
  • Excellent preservation and imaging of lipid structures
  • Easy to automate sample processing and imaging
  • Utilizes SEM backscattered electron imaging based on atomic number difference
  • Compatible with light microscopy for comparative studies


  • Lipid Imaging and Analysis
  • Imaging lipid bodies in fully-wet cells and tissues
  • Airborne Particles
  • EDS of wet samples with QX capsules
  • Imaging particles in their fully-wet environment
  • Experimental Biology
  • Subcellular organelles, cytoskeleton and motility, cell contacts, receptor distribution, extracellular matrix, tissue analysis
  • Industrial applications: food, oils, dyes, pharmaceuticals
  • Pathogen characterization
  • Clinical diagnosis: Histopathology, cytology, oncology
  • Tissue engineering, implants and prostheses
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Life Sciences and Medicine: Cultured and primary cells/Tissue histology/ Nerve cells and myelin imaging/ Microbiology/Viruses/ and Plants
  • Environmental and toxicological applications
  • Nanotechnology and Bio nanotechnology
  • Industrial and R & D: Emulsions/suspensions/Foods/Personal care goods/cosmetics/Inks

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