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WETSEM® Applications

One of the most valuable parameters in the study of materials is particle characterization. Until today, particle imaging in Scanning Electron Microscopes was limited to dry samples only. As a result, valuable information on particles in their native state was lost due to the drying process. Furthermore, characterization of particle shape, size and dispersion in their native wet environment was not feasible at all.

WETSEM® Technology - Revealing new perspectives in Material Science Research

WETSEM® technology presents a breakthrough in imaging and analysis of particles in their native wet state. The QX capsule, based on QuantomiX proprietary WETSEM® technology, enables SEM imaging of particles in suspensions, pastes, gels, emulsions, creams and liquids of all kinds.

The QX capsules eliminate the need for time-consuming preparation procedures, and ensure that artifacts accumulated as a result of drying processes do not compromise sample integrity. WETSEM® technology presents a tangible solution for formulation and quality control processes in industrial fields.

Meeting the Needs

The QX capsules can be used for dispersion characterization of particles in liquids (including degree of aggregation, homogeneity) as well as shape characterization. They also permit imaging of emulsions, suspensions and other liquids, core shell type materials, pastes, gels, creams, foams and powders.

Research has shown that the capsules can provide the scientist with information regarding chemical composition by EDS of wet samples. Important information required for formulation processes in various industries, can also be obtained.

By using the QX capsule, scientists avoid potential problems of film formation and particle aggregation during the drying process. The capsules also function as isolation compartments for imaging of air and humidity sensitive materials.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Requires minimal sample preparation.
  • Enables shape, size and dispersion characterization.
  • Enables imaging of particles in nano and micro scales.
  • Allows chemical composition identification by EDS of wet samples.

The QX line of capsules are already in use in biological research, and play a major role in the pharmaceutical, food, detergent, paint, and ink industries.

Product Information

WETSEM® capsules for scanning electron microscope imaging and EDS of fully-hydrated samples are available from the EMS Catalog. Please click here to view the WETSEM® Product Listings or click here to Request a WETSEM® Feasibility Study.

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