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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Microanalysis Element Standards

Downloadable PDFarrow13MAC Reference Standards for X-ray Microanalysis

Reference Standards for Energy Dispersive or Wavelength Dispersive X-ray MicroanalysisStandards PackagingWe have approximately 200 standard materials to choose from. All of our standards are suitable for electron-beam energy dispersive or wavelength dispersive X-ray microanalysis systems. All of our standards are polished to a 0.25 micron diamond finish and carbon coated. They are supplied with fully authenticated certificates of analyses and a location map for standard identification. A Faraday Cup, for accurate specimen current measurements, is available as an optional extra on all mounts. The standards are available in different sizes of brass holders:
  • 25mm or 32mm diameter, containing up to 60 standards of your choice.
  • Carousels, 13mm diameter blocks(to fit pin stubs), and single standards of 5mm, 3mm, 2mm diameter, are also available.
  • Specials can be "tailor-made" to suit individual needs and specific stage configurations.

arrow12Customized Multielement Standards

(your choice from our list of compound, pure metal, NBS, or BAS Standards).

Pure metals and compounds mounted in brass blocks

80070-05 Block of 5 Standards 5/set 825.00 Add to Cart
80070-10 Block of 10 Standards 10/set 1,500.00 Add to Cart
80070-15 Block of 15 Standards 15/set 1,900.00 Add to Cart
80070-20 Block of 20 Standards 20/set 2,400.00 Add to Cart
80070-25 Block of 25 Standards 25/set 2,800.00 Add to Cart
80070-30 Block of 30 Standards 30/set 3,200.00 Add to Cart
80070-35 Block of 35 Standards 35/set 3,600.00 Add to Cart
80070-40 Block of 40 Standards 40/set 3,900.00 Add to Cart
80070-45 Block of 45 Standards 45/set 4,202.00 Add to Cart
80070-50 Block of 50 Standards 50/set 4,642.00 Add to Cart
Please note: Please indicate the block size when ordering: 25mm or 32mm diameter.

Carousel configuration is supplied at an extra cost of (52.00) to the above prices. Please note that for this configuration there is a maximum of 25 standards permitted.

Faraday Cup
80062 Faraday Cup each 250.00 Add to Cart

arrow12NBS Standards:

arrow10NBS glass SRM 481

Au/Ag Set of 6 Standards, comprises 4 alloys and 2 pure metals.

80076-01 NBS Standard SRM 481 Set 6/set 935.00 Add to Cart
arrow10NBS glass

SRM 482 Au/Cu Set of 6 Standards, comprises 4 alloys and 2 pure metals.

80076-02 NBS Standard SRM 482 Set 6/set 935.00 Add to Cart

Standards Individual Packagingarrow12Individual Standards

Supplied in 2, 3, and 5mm diameter. Also Grains of standard materials are available and they measure approximately 2mmx2mm in size. Please indicate size or grain in the comments section of the online ordering.

msds msds msds
Aluminum 80074-Al 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Al 210.00 Add to Cart
Gold 80074-Au 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Au 210.00 Add to Cart
Arsenic 80074-As 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-As 210.00 Add to Cart
Silver 80074-Ag 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Ag 210.00 Add to Cart
Bismuth 80074-Bi 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Bi 210.00 Add to Cart
Beryllium 80074-Be 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Be 210.00 Add to Cart
Boron 80074-B 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-B 210.00 Add to Cart
Cadmium 80074-Cd 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Cd 210.00 Add to Cart
Carbon 80074-C 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-C 210.00 Add to Cart
Chromium 80074-Cr 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Cr 210.00 Add to Cart
Copper 80074-Cu 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Cu 210.00 Add to Cart
Cobalt 80074-Co 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Co 210.00 Add to Cart
Iron 80074-Fe 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Fe 210.00 Add to Cart
Gadolinium 80074-Gd 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Gd 210.00 Add to Cart
Germanium 80074-Ge 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Ge 210.00 Add to Cart
Hafnium 80074-Hf 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Hf 210.00 Add to Cart
Iridium 80074-Ir 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Ir 210.00 Add to Cart
Manganese 80074-Mn 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Mn 210.00 Add to Cart
Magnesium 80074-Mg 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Mg 210.00 Add to Cart
Molybdenum 80074-Mo 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Mo 210.00 Add to Cart
Niobium 80074-Nb 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Nb 210.00 Add to Cart
Nickel 80074-Ni 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Ni 210.00 Add to Cart
Osmium 80074-Os 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Os 210.00 Add to Cart
Palladium 80074-Pd 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Pd 210.00 Add to Cart
Platinum 80074-Pt 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Pt 210.00 Add to Cart
Rhenium 80074-Re 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Re 210.00 Add to Cart
Ruthenium 80074-Ru 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Ru 210.00 Add to Cart
Rhodium 80074-Rh 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Rh 210.00 Add to Cart
Silicon 80074-Si 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Si 210.00 Add to Cart
Scandium 80074-Sc 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Sc 210.00 Add to Cart
Selenium 80074-Se 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Se 210.00 Add to Cart
Antimony 80074-Sb 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Sb 210.00 Add to Cart
Tin 80074-Sn 260.00 Add to Cart 80074-Sn 210.00 Add to Cart
Tantalum 80074-Ta 260.00 Add to Cart 80074-TA 210.00 Add to Cart
Tellurium 80074-Te 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Te 210.00 Add to Cart
Thallium 80074-Tl 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Tl 210.00 Add to Cart
Titanium 80074-Ti 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Ti 210.00 Add to Cart
Vanadium 80074-V 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-V 210.00 Add to Cart
Tungsten 80074-W 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-W 210.00 Add to Cart
Yttrium 80074-Y 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Y 210.00 Add to Cart
Zinc 80074-Zn 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Zn 210.00 Add to Cart
Zirconium 80074-Zr 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-Zr 210.00 Add to Cart
Cast Iron 80074-BAS 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-BAS 210.00 Add to Cart
Highly Alloyed 80074-BAS 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-BAS 210.00 Add to Cart
High Carbon Ferro-Chrome 80074-BAS 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-BAS 210.00 Add to Cart
Austenitic 80074-BAS 260.00 Add to Cart 80075-BAS 210.00 Add to Cart
Cr 19%, Ni 12%, Mo 3% 80074-NBS 260.00 Add to Cart      
Cambridge Brass 80074-NBS 260.00 Add to Cart      
Soda-Lime-Silica Glass 80074-NBS 260.00 Add to Cart      
High Silicon Steel 80074-NBS 260.00 Add to Cart      
Stainless Steel 80074-NBS 260.00 Add to Cart      
SRM 160b       80075-NBS 210.00 Add to Cart
SRM 478       80075-NBS 210.00 Add to Cart
SRM 710       80075-NBS 210.00 Add to Cart
SRM       80075-NBS 210.00 Add to Cart
AISI 316       80075-NBS 210.00 Add to Cart

All compound, BAS standards, Austenitic Steels, and NBS standards are available as single standards or grains. Please contact us for pricing.

Universal Set

A set of 42 standards for general Energy Dispersive Analysis, mounted in 25mm or 32mm diameter brass stub.

Ag Al2O3 Au BaF2 Bi CaSiO3
Cd CeAl2 Co Cr Cu Fe
FeS2 GaP Ge Hf HgTe InAs
Ir KAlSi3O8 LaB6 MgO Mn Mo
NaAlSi3O8 Nb Ni PbTe Pd Pt
Rh Sb Se Sn SrF2 Ta
Ti V W Y Zn Zr
80071-25 Universal Set w/25mm Dia. Block set 3,430.00 Add to Cart
80071-32 Universal Set w/32mm Dia. Block set 3,430.00 Add to Cart
80062 Faraday Cup each 250.00 Add to Cart

Biological Set

A set of 18 standards, a Faraday Cup included. Mounted in 25mm or 32mm dia. brass block.

Al BaF2 BaSO4 Bi BN C
CaCO3 CaSO4 FeS2 InP KBr KCl
MgO NaCl Se SiO2 Ti V
80072-25 Biological Set with 25mm Dia. Block set 1,930.00 Add to Cart
80072-32 Universal Set with 32mm Dia. Block set 1,930.00 Add to Cart

Special Holders

JSM 35 Standard Holderarrow10Type 1

JSM 35 Standard Holder in brass, holds up to 21 standards of your choice.

80073-01 21 Standards for JSM 35 set 2,500.00 Add to Cart
JEOL 100CX Standard Holder arrow10Type 2

JEOL 100CX Standard Holder in brass for use in the STEM mode. Holds up to 7 standards of your choice.

80073-02 7 Standards for JEOL 100CX set 1100.00 Add to Cart
JXA 733 Standard Holderarrow10 Type 3

JXA 733 Standard Holder in brass; holds up to 12 standards of your choice.

80073-03 12 Standards for JXA 733 set 1,975.00 Add to Cart
JEOL Temscan bulk Standard Holderarrow10Type 4

JEOL Temscan bulk Standard Holder made from plastic; holds 3-5 standards, fitted in a JEOL BR1 holder.

80073-04 3-5 Standard for JEOL Temscan set 850.00 Add to Cart

MAC X-ray Microanalysis for TEM arrow13arrow13