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arrow14The Meyco Diamond Dissecting Scalpel Blade

The Meyco Diamond Dissecting Scalpel Blade


arrow12The Meyco Diamond Dissecting Scalpel Blade

We are aware that in order to achieve the finest results in your work, you continually have to search for the highest quality instruments. The quality that will allow you to meet the high demands of your respected field.

Here at ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SCIENCES we are dedicated to these needs. With this dedication in mind we have entered into an exclusive arrangement with our sister company, DIATOME Ltd., that enables us to offer you their experience in diamond instrument manufacturing.

For many years DIATOME has been the leading manufacturer - "The Innovators" in diamond instruments for a variety of applications including, but not limited to; ULTRAMICROTOMY, FIBER OPTICS, AND EYE SURGERY.

DIATOME has now begun to manufacture for us diamond knives for microsurgery, dissection, and its related applications. The knives are of the same quality that DIATOME customers have become accustomed.

Distinctive designs combined with DIATOME'S expertise in diamond technology and manufacturing assures you the best quality knife and being able to use it for many years.

Freehand Diamond Knife
Characteristics and Specifications:

  • Our ultra-sharp blade cuts with minimum pressure, without tearing or damaging the specimen and reduces the risk of specImen distortion.
  • Our UNIQUE PRESSURE MECHANISM allows blade actuation with one hand
  • The handle is made of titanium and is coated by high vacuum with titanium nitride to harden the surface.
  • The knife is corrosion free and is completely resistant to saline solutions.
  • It can be sterilized in an autoclave up to 200°C.
  • Special tray for sterilization is available
  • If your diamond is damaged or broken, we can resharpen it or replace it and guarantee that the repaired knife will be of the same standards of perfection as the original.

The following cutting forms are available:

Freehand Diamond Knife

arrow101) Type M; angled; .50mm thickness
72024 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type M each 1,200.00 Add to Cart
72024-R Resharpening, Type M each 300.00 Add to Cart
72024-L Replacement Blade, Type M each 650.00 Add to Cart
arrow102) Type M-M; mini-angled; .20 thickness

For extremely fine work.

72025 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type M-M each 1,100.00 Add to Cart
72025-R Resharpening, Type M-M each 350.00 Add to Cart
72025-L Replacement Blade, Type M-M each 625.00 Add to Cart
arrow103) Type L; lancet; .50 thickness
72026 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type L each 1,200.00 Add to Cart
72026-R Resharpening, Type L each 350.00 Add to Cart
72026-L Replacement Blade, Type L each 625.00 Add to Cart
arrow104) Type M-L; mini-lancet; .20 thickness

For extremely fine work

72027 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type M-L each 975.00 Add to Cart
72027-R Resharpening, Type M-L each 350.00 Add to Cart
72027-L Replacement Blade, Type M-L each 650.00 Add to Cart
arrow105) Type DL; double-lancet; .50mm thickness
72028 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type DL each 1,200.00 Add to Cart
72028-R Resharpening, Type DL each 375.00 Add to Cart
72028-L Replacement Blade, Type DL each 750.00 Add to Cart
arrow106) Type M-DL; mini-double-lancet; .20 thickness
72029 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type M-DL each 1,300.00 Add to Cart
72029-R Resharpening, Type M-DL each 375.00 Add to Cart
72029-L Replacement Blade, Type M-DL each 795.00 Add to Cart
arrow107) Type DS; Tri-facet; .50mm thickness
72030 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type DS each 1,200.00 Add to Cart
72030-R Resharpening, Type DS each 350.00 Add to Cart
72030-L Replacement Blade, Type DS each 750.00 Add to Cart
arrow10 8) Type M-DS; mini-tri-facet; .20mm thickness
72031 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type M-DS each 1,300.00 Add to Cart
72031-R Resharpening, Type M-DS each 350.00 Add to Cart
72031-L Replacement Blade, Type M-DS each 795.00 Add to Cart
arrow10 9) Type R; round; .30mm thickness
72032 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type-R each 1,750.00 Add to Cart
arrow1010) Type HR-S; half-round; .20mm thickness
72033 Diamond Dissecting Knife, Type HR-S each 1,400.00 Add to Cart

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