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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Tweezers and Tools


arrow1411. EMS Surface Mount & Optoelectronic Tweezers

Made from SA steel. They offer comfort and smooth handling. They are available in different tips and angles for specific jobs and they have a satin antiglare finish with an ergonomic design.

grooved, electronics, tweezersarrow12Style SM 108 (formerly SMD 10)

Tips are cut on a 45 degree angle with a 1.5mm perfect inside gripping groove. Ideal for positioning and gripping 1mm diameter components. Length: 4¾" (120mm)

78250-10 EMS SM 108 each 26.00 Add to Cart

electronic component tweezersarrow12Style SM 105 (Formerly SMD 40)

Tips are "T" shaped with 2mm flat gripping edges. Length: 4¾" (120mm)

78250-40 EMS SM 105 each 26.00 Add to Cart

Bent stainless steel optoelectronics tweezersarrow12Style SM 103 (Formerly SMD 50)

Same as SM105, but with bent tips. Length: 4¾" (120mm)

78250-50 EMS SM 103 each 26.00 Add to Cart

anti-capillary bent stainless steelarrow12Style SM 112 (Formerly SMD 60)

Tips are bent and cut on a 45 degree angle (2mm edge) and has a raised thickness inside for perfect control (anti-capillary). Length: 4¾" (120mm)

78250-60 EMS SM 112 each 26.00 Add to Cart

Very fine rounded tips with groove insidearrow12Style SM 115 (Formerly SMD 70)

Very fine rounded tips with groove inside on a 30-degree angle. Ideal for holding and positioning cylindrical devices (up to 1mm diameter). Length: 4¾" (120mm)

78250-70 EMS SM 115 each 26.00 Add to Cart

SM 107 angled tweezersarrow12Style SM 107 (Formerly SDM 90)

A perfect flat tip 60 degree angle. The tips measure 1.2mm wide. For positioning all flat devices. Length: 4¾" (120mm)

78250-90 EMS SM 107 each 26.00 Add to Cart

SM 110 straight T-tip tweezersClose uparrow12Style SM 110 (Formerly SMD 100)

Straight "T" shaped tips with a vertical groove inside for holding cylindrical objects up to 1mm diameter. Length: 4¾" (120mm).

Absolutely perfect for holding and installing Omniprobe Tips (sold separately). Especially if you're using Cryo-lift out and have to install the tip with the rod already inserted into the SEM chamber.

Forceps provide a firm grip and longitudainal stability reducing the chance of dropping the tip.

78250-100 EMS SM 110 each 26.00 Add to Cart

SM 111 angled tweezersarrow12Style SM 111 (Formerly SMD 110)

Same as SM 110, but the tips are bent on a 45 degree angle. Length: 4¾" (120mm)

78250-110 EMS SM 111 each 26.00 Add to Cart

Wafer Tweezersarrow14arrow14