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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Tweezers and Tools

arrow13Vises, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Pliers, and Tool Kits

arrow12Small Bench Vises

New-improved vises which offer a choice of either clamping or screwing it onto the bench. An excellent tool and necessity for every lab.

62067-15 Bench Vise 1½" Jaws each 12.00 Add to Cart
62067-20 Bench Vise 2
each 19.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Mini Vise

This is the smallest vise ever. It comes complete with a clamp that allows for either table or bench-top attachment. Small 1" jaws. It weighs only 13 oz. The vise is made from cast iron with a heavy red enamel coating.

62066-00 Mini Vise, 1" Jaws each 14.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Portable Vacu-Vises

With a rubber suction base; you just flick off the Vacu-lever and the Vacu-vise firmly fastens to any clean, smooth surface. When you lift the Vacu-lever up , the Vacu-vise is released.

arrow101) Multi-Angle Swivel Vacu-vise

Can be tilted on any desired angle. Swivels 360°. 3" metal jaws and it is supplied with a slide-on rubber to hold delicate objects; opens up to 2 5/8"; 6¼" triangle base.

62068 Multi-Angle Vacu-Vise each 45.00 Add to Cart
62069 Slip-on Rubber Jaws 1 pr 5.25 Add to Cart

arrow12Precision Pin Vises

These tool steel collets grip firmly when screw chucks are tightened. The chromium-plated handle is hollow which allows for the holding of long wires. The body is stepped, with the small portion knurled allowing for rotation between the fingers. The larger portion is smooth and it easily can be held firmly in lathes and drill presses.

Catalog Chuck Opening Length
Number (in) (mm) (in) (mm) Price  
62074-01 0 to .040 0 to 1.02 3 76 13.00 Add to Cart
62074-02 .025 to .062 0.6 to 1.60 83 13.00 Add to Cart
62074-03 .050 to .125 1.3 to 3.20 3⅞ 98 20.00 Add to Cart
62074-04 .115 to .188 2.9 to 4.80 108 22.00 Add to Cart
62074-10 Set of all Four Precision Pin Vises 4/set 34.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Double Clamp With Stand

Two adjustable arms with alligator jaws in a heavy base. A versatile tool which can be adjusted to any position and firmly hold small items of any shape.

62123-01 Double Clamp With Stand each 28.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Double Clamp with Magnifier

Same as (Cat# 62123-01,) but it has a 2½" diameter magnifier attached.

62123-02 Double Clamp W/Stand & Magnifier each 17.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Hex Key Wrenches

Made from heat treated chrome nickel steel. Useful to have around the lab. Its sturdy handle, folds up just like a pocket knife. Can be used at any angle.

* English Sizes

62075-01 .050, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, ⅛, 9/64, 5/32, 3/16 3⅝" 12.00 Add to Cart
62075-03 3/16, 7/32, ¼, 5/16, ⅜ 5¼" 20.00 Add to Cart

* Metric Sizes

62076-01 1, 5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3⅝" 10.00 Add to Cart
62076-02 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 16.00 Add to Cart

Screwdriver Setarrow12Screwdriver Set

6-in-1 fold up screwdriver set that consists of 6 different screwdriver blades that folds up like a pocket knife and serves as a handle.
Blades are ⅛", 3/16" and ¼" flat; T-15 Star Torx, #1 Phillips and Hole Punch awl.

62079 Screwdriver set set 18.00 Add to Cart

Phillips Screwdriver Setarrow12Phillips Screwdriver Set

A very handy set of Phillips screwdrivers which feature one of the smallest sizes available (1.20mm). A knurled body with hexagonal heads and tempered steel blades. All are 4½" length. Sizes: 1.20mm, 1.50mm, 2.00mm, and 2.50mm.

62077-00 Phillips Screwdriver Set each 20.00 Add to Cart
Phillips Individual Screwdrivers:
62077-12 Phillips Screwdriver Size 1.2mm each 6.00 Add to Cart
62077-15 Phillips Screwdriver Size 1.5mm each 6.00 Add to Cart
62077-20 Phillips Screwdriver Size 2.0mm each 6.00 Add to Cart
62077-25 Phillips Screwdriver Size 2.5mm each 6.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Precision Screwdriver Set

Precision European quality screwdrivers in 9 sizes: .60; .80; 1.00; 1.20; 1.40; 1.60; 2.00; 2.50 and 3.00mm. With hexagonal swivel heads to prevent rolling and knurled handles for a firm grip. Color identifier bands allow for easy selection and set screws hold the blades securely. Set contains 19 extra blades and 2 extra set screws. The set comes with a handsome revolving stand.

62078-00 Screwdriver Set w/Revolving Stand   69.00 Add to Cart
Precision Screwdriver SetScrewdriver Blades
Replacement Screwdriver Blades For #62078-00:
62078-06 Replacement Blade 0.6mm 3/pk 4.00 Add to Cart
62078-08 Replacement Blade 0.8mm 3/pk 4.00 Add to Cart
62078-10 Replacement Blade 1.0mm 3/pk 4.00 Add to Cart
62078-12 Replacement Blade 1.2mm 3/pk 4.00 Add to Cart
62078-14 Replacement Blade 1.4mm 3/pk 5.00 Add to Cart
62078-16 Replacement Blade 1.6mm 3/pk 5.00 Add to Cart
62078-20 Replacement Blade 2.0mm 3/pk 5.00 Add to Cart
62078-25 Replacement Blade 2.5mm 3/pk 5.00 Add to Cart
62078-30 Replacement Blade 3.0mm 3/pk 5.00 Add to Cart

Wire Bending Pliersarrow12Heavy Duty Wire Bending Pliers

These extra heavy-duty pliers are used for bending any metal wire at a 'V' shaped angle, allowing for the formation of filaments in accordance to your specification.

62185 Wire Bending Pliers, 6½" (165mm)Long each 40.00 Add to Cart

Wire Looping Pliers arrow12Wire Looping Pliers

Stainless steel wire looping pliers, enables the user to bend wire easily. The round jaws in one and the boxjointed for durability. Jaws are finely polished, one being round and the other concave.

62186-10 Wire Looping Pliers, 5¾" (145mm) Long each 19.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Master Coiler Pliers

This 'Master Coiler' is the painless pliers. It is designed to make loops and coils without nicking precious wire. Master Coiler allows one to hold the wire with the flat jaw while rotating the round jaw to form the perfect loop. Comfort grips, non-rust, highly polished stainless steel jaws and standard step-jaw for consistent loops and coils.

62186-20 Master Coiler Pliers, 5¾" (145mm) Long each 19.00 Add to Cart

Wire Max Cuttersarrow12Power Max Cutters

Ergonomic compound cutters that offer the finest in compound leverage construction at an affordable price. Leverage combined with induction-hardened, high-grade steel jaws allows for extra close, flush cutting. The handles are shaped to be ergonomically and comfortably.

62187-10 Power Max Cutters, 6½” (165mm) Long each 42.00 Add to Cart

De-Crimpier Pliersarrow12De-Crimpier Pliers

Made from stainless steel offers one tool for both sizes: 13mm and 20mm serum vial de-crimpier. An inexpensive and easy way to remove the seal from the serum vial, simply secure the seal between the jaws, squeeze the handle and twist the seal. Plastic coated handle offers comfort and ease of use.

Catalog # Description Pack Price  
62180-01 De-Crimpier for Sizes 8 & 13 mm each 51.00 Add to Cart
62180-02 De-Crimpier for Sizes 8 & 30 mm each 51.00 Add to Cart
62180-03 De-Crimpier for Sizes 11 & 20 mm each 51.00 Add to Cart
62180-04 De-Crimpier for Sizes 13 & 20 mm each 51.00 Add to Cart

Magic Wandsarrow12Magic Wands

Magic Wands are made from PEEK, a high performance plastic, with excellent chemical resistantance and withstands high temperatures (up to 300°C).

Magic wand is ideal for use for electronic high-tech areas to laboratories, from preparation of samples to applying adhesives, using it as a stirring rod, or even dosing samples, etc.

63323-01 Fine tip and Flat strong tip, 6" (150mm) each 11.00 Add to Cart
63323-02 Curved tip and flat strong tip, 6" (150mm) each 11.00 Add to Cart
63323-03 Flat fine tip and flat sharp tip, 5" (130mm) each 11.00 Add to Cart
63323-04 PVDF Plastic Probes Kit version of wands shown above kit 18.00 Add to Cart
63323-05 Carbon PEEK Plastic Probes Kit, includes 63323-01, -02, -03 kit 22.00 Add to Cart

arrow12General Utility Repair Kit

A 22 piece tool kit. This general utility kit contains the most common tools to handle general utility repairs in the lab, office or in the field. Transport your quality kit in a durable, freestanding canvas tote.


  • Tools include:
    • hammer
    • utility knife
    • saw
    • pliers
    • screwdrivers
    • measuring tape
    • scissors
    • wrench
  • Shoulder pad and removable strap
  • Blade for utility knife and saw
  • Interchangeable screwdriver tip
  • Plastic storage box
  • Soft tool grips help reduce fatigue and vibration
62081 General Utility Repair Kit 22 Tools Set 258.00 Add to Cart

Knife and Tool Setarrow12Deluxe Knife and Tool Set

A deluxe 28 piece set in a handsome wood case with molded storage trays. The set contains the following: a lightweight knife, medium weight knife, heavy-duty knife, awl, miter box, razor saw, sander, screwdriver and 20 assorted blades.

62080-20 Deluxe Knife and Tool Set set 66.00 Add to Cart

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