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Bismuth Stain Kit for Enhancing Contrast in General

EMS #11434

Bismuth Stain Kit for Enhancing Contrast in General consists of:

  • 5x10ml Solution A (Sodium Tartrate in NaOH)
  • 5x200mg Ingredient B (Bismuth Subnitrate)


Drops of solution A are added into the ingredient B (Bismuth Subnitrate). The mixture is cleared after 6-8ml of solution A is added; and after the addition of all of solution A, all the Bismuth is chelated.

Conventionally fixed tissue specimens are stained en-bloc with a saturated Uranyl Acetate aqueous solution for 20 minutes. Thin sections on grids are stained under cover for 3 minutes by immersion in the Bismuth Subnitrate chelated above, and then rinsed with distilled water.


Riva, A. (1974). A simple and rapid staining method for enhancing the contrast of tissues previously treated with Uranyl Acetate J. Microsc. ( Paris ) 19, 105.

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Bismuth Stain Kits for Enhancing Contrast