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Cold mounting or embedding is when a resin is mixed with a hardener (or accelerator) to provide the mounting compound, and then the polymerization process takes place to form the block. In some cases, this process gives off heat. This heat generation can be controlled by the use of ice or cool air blow settings.

Cold mounting compounds are preferred for specimens that are sensitive to heat or pressure, which applies during the hot mounting process. Epoxies have the lowest shrinkage of all cold mounting resins. The curing time is relatively long, but the adhesion to most materials is excellent. They are also used for vacuum impregnation. The hardened epoxy is duroplastic and not affected by moderate heat or chemicals.

Mixing Ratio

  • 25 parts of resin / 7 parts of hardener by weight, recommended
  • 31 parts of resin / 10 parts of hardener by volume


  1. Measure out the amount of EMSFix Hardener into a mixing cup.
  2. Measure out the right amount of EMSFix Resin into the CaldoFix-2 Hardener.
  3. Stir thoroughly for not less than 5 minutes until the mixture is homogeneous, without introducing air bubbles.


1½ hrs at 75°C / 167°F

Pot Life

4 hours at 21°C / 70°F

Mounting Cups


  • 30 mm dia. embedding without specimen

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