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Electron Microscopy Sciences

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EMS Conductive Gold-Paste

EMS #12642

The EMS Conductive Gold-Paste is used to make non-conductive surfaces both electrically and thermally conductive. It can be used in SEM specimen preparation, as well as in circuit repair or as RF shielding materials. The product can be applied with a toothpick, a brush or dipped. It will rapidly bond as the solvent is evaporating. This is sufficient for most applications. In order to achieve the full electrical and mechanical properties, we suggest curing at room temperature for about 16-20 hours or at 120-200°C for 30 minutes. A heat gun will cure the material in within seconds. The conductivity of the film can be increased by repeated application of layers.

Key Benefits

  • Electrically and thermally conductive
  • Curable at room temperature
  • Adheres to most materials
  • Solvent resistant


  • Surfaces do not have to be prepared before application
  • Materials will adhere to polymer (phenolic) boards, ceramic, glass, metal, and plastic, as well as fiberglass

When Curing

% Solids 75% ± 1% Au
Sheet Resistance 0.02 - 0.05 ohms/sq/mil (25µm)
Thinner Product No. 16021 SEM Gold/Silver Extender
Shelf life 6 months from shipment but may be extended by adding thinner. Avoid exposure to extreme high and low temperatures.
Storage Store in a dry location at 5-25°C. Allow paint to come to room temperature prior to opening. Mix thoroughly before using.

Product Information

EMS Conductive Gold-Paste