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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Epo-Tek EE129-4 Adhesive

EMS #12670-EE

Epo-Tek EE129-4 Adhesive is a cure at room temperature and a silver-filled epoxy that is designed for producing electrical connections in circuit assembly, semiconductor, and LCD applications.


Low temperature cures are capable from 23°C to 80°C. This allows for lower cost plastics, such as those that are usually found in flex circuits or medical devices. We suggest this product for cryogenic cooling applications.

Epo-Tek EE129-4 Adhesive works well for aerospace hybrid circuits and ITO electrodes in LCD packaging and assembly.

A reasonable pot life of 3 hours allows for mass production.

A smooth thixotropic paste allows for application by automatic dispensing equipment. It can also be applied by hand, spatula, or screen printing.

This product also works well with surfaces such as Au, Ag-Pd, Cu, brass, Kovar, stainless steel; as well as ceramic, PCB, solder masks, most plastics and glasses.

Please note that a 1:1 mix ratio permits varied packing opportunities such as "bi-pax" and static mixing.

Product Information

Epo-Tek EE129-4 Adhesive