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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Silver Conductive Coating

EMS #12684-15

The EMS Silver Conductive Coating is designed for the bonding of many materials such as metals, ceramics, rubbers, and plastics, as they are used in electronic parts, where excellent adhesion is required. It is a silver-based conductive adhesive that possesses the following characteristics:

Technology: Epoxy

  • Chemical type: Epoxy
  • Appearance (resin): Silver paste
  • Appearance (hardener): Clear to amber liquid
  • Components: Two-part resin and hardener
  • Viscosity: Thick paste

Cure Application: Room Temperature Cure

  • Key substrates: Electronic components
  • Other application areas: Thermally conductive
  • Dispense method: Syringe
  • Operating temperature: up to 80°C+

Typical Properties of Uncured Material

Specific gravity @ 25°C 2.5
Hardness, Shore D 89
Mix ratio, resin: Hardener 100:6
Pot Life 90 minutes

Typical Curing Performance

Recommended conditions for curing are exposure to room temperature heat for 24-48 hours. Rate of cure and final strength depends on the residence time at the curve temperature.

Cure Speed vs. Time, Temperature

The graph shown below illustrates the rate of torque strength developed with time at different temperatures. The times shown are defined from the moment the adhesive reaches cure temperature. In practice, research or experimentation, total oven time may be longer to allow for heat-up period.

Typical Properties of Cured Material

Cured for 24 hours @ 22°C

Physical Properties:

Coefficient of thermal expansion, ASTME <50 x 10-6 831-93, um/(m°C)
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W/mC >1.50
Glass transition temperature, tg, ASTMD 82°C

Extractable Ionic Content

Fluorine, ppm <6.00
Chloride, ppm 95.80
Potassium, ppm 4.20
Sodium, ppm 2.80

Electrical Properties

Volume resistivity, MIL 883 E, method 5011 <0.001LMS Ωcm

Cured for 1 hour @ 125°C

Performance of Cured Material

Cured for 24 hours at 22°C

Adhesive Properties

Shear strength, ASTM D 1002, N/mm2


Product Information

Silver Conductive Coating