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Electrodag 1415M

EMS Catalog #12697

Product Description

Electrodag 1415M provides the following product characteristics:

Technology Thermoplastic
Appearance Silver
Operating Temp. 105 °C
Product Benefits
  • Maintains low resistance after exposure to the elements
  • Does not require primer or top coat
  • Easily applied by spray or brush
Cure Air Dry
Application Conductive Heating

Electrodag 1415M shielding coating is designed to provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It is compatible with plastics commonly used for electronic equipment enclosures.

Typical Properties of Uncured Material

Solids Content, % 58
Viscosity, Brookfield, 20°C, mPa·s (cP): Speed 20rpm 375
Density,Kg/m3 1,630
Theoretical coverage @ 10µm coating thickness, m2/kg 9
Shelf [email protected] to 30°C, months (from date of qualification in original seal) 18
Flash Point, °C 14

Typical Drying Cycle

Recommended Drying Cycle: 30 Minutes @ 70 to 80°C

For production runs, conventional forced drying methods may be used for faster processing. Forced drying, will improve conductivity.

Electrodag 1415M dries to touch in about 10 minutes and can be handled after a further 10 minute hold, depending on surrounding temperature.

Good coating properties achieved after 4 to 8 hours air drying, depending on coating thickness and temperatures.

Typical Properties of Cured Material

Sample tested @ 25µm coating thickness

Electrical Properties  
Attenuation @ 1,000 MHz, dB 60
Sheet Resistance, ohms/sq <0.015

General Information

For safe handling information on this product, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet, (MSDS).

Directions for Use

Surface Preparation

  • Surface to be coated must be dry and free on contaminants such as oil or chemical residues.


  • Thoroughly homogenize Electrodag 1415M before use. Check to make sure there are no unmixed solids at the bottom of the container
  • Recommended dilution ratio(s) as follows:
    • Brush Application:Use Electrodag 1415M neat
    • Spray Application:
      • Use MEK/Diacetone Alcohol blend
      • By weight: 2 part(s) product to 1 part(s) solvent
  • If this blend evaporates too quickly, reduce the amount of Diacetone Alcohol (DAA)


  • When applying Electrodag 1415M by spray, a conventional paddle-agitated pressure tank system should be used
  • It is recommended to maintain a spray pressure of 2 to 2.5 bar with a nozzle diameter varying from 1 to 1.5 mm
  • Small prototype runs may be sprayed with well-mixed product, using suction cup spray equipment
  • A 10 to 15µm coating thickness is recommended for good EMI shielding performance
  • Avoid dry spraying for maximum adhesion and conductivity


  1. For high volume production where masks are used to prevent coating certain areas, the masks can be cleaned with esters, (butylacetate, ethylacetate) or MIBK, MEK solvents
  2. Spray or mixing equipment may be cleaned with the same solvents


Store Electrodag 1415M closed in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Storage information may be printed on the product label.

Optimal Storage: 5 to 30°C

Material removed from containers may be contaminated during use. Do not return product to the original container. Electron Microscopy Sciences does not assume responsibility for contaminated product or product stored incorrectly. Empty containers may retain hazardous properties. If additional information is required, please contact us at:

Tel: 215-412-8400
Toll Free: 800-523-5874
Fax: 215-412-8450
E-Mail: [email protected]

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Electrodag 1415M