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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Poly-Acrymount Specimen Mounting Kit

EMS #1276


Poly-AcryMount is a fast curing cold mount material consisting of two liquids and one powder. This kit is especially designed for quick mounting of specimens requiring low shrinkage and good wear resistance. Poly-AcryMount is very hard and good adhesion resulting in excellent edge retention and a plane surface. Poly-AcryMount may, after curing, be cut, ground, polished and drilled, etc.

Technical Data

Degrease the specimen before it is placed in the mounting cup.

Mixing Ratio

  • 25 parts of powder / 9 parts of liquid by weight, recommended
  • 20 parts of powder / 10 parts of liquid by volume


  • Measure out the amount of Poly-Acrymount liquid into a mixing cup (max. 25g/30ml).
  • Measure out the amount of Poly-Acrymuont powder into a mixing cup (max. 75g/60ml) and mix the powder into the liquid.
  • Stir thoroughly for at least 1½ minutes, until the mixture is homogeneous, without introducing air bubbles. Pour the mixture carefully over the specimen and let the mixture harden.


20 Minutes (30mm dia mount without specimen at 21°C)

Pot Life

4 minutes

Mounting Cups

Flexiform recommended

Read and understand the MSDS for your safety when using this material.

Product Information

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