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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Poly-Acrymount Specimen Mounting Kit

EMS #1276


Poly-AcryMount is a fast curing cold mount material consisting of two liquids and one powder. This kit is especially designed for quick mounting of specimens requiring low shrinkage and good wear resistance. Poly-AcryMount is very hard and good adhesion resulting in excellent edge retention and a plane surface. Poly-AcryMount may, after curing, be cut, ground, polished and drilled, etc.

Technical Data

Degrease the specimen before it is placed in the mounting cup.

Mixing Ratio

  • 25 parts of powder / 9 parts of liquid by weight, recommended
  • 20 parts of powder / 10 parts of liquid by volume


  • Measure out the amount of Poly-Acrymount liquid into a mixing cup (max. 25 g/30mL).
  • Measure out the amount of Poly-Acrymuont powder into a mixing cup (max. 75 g/60mL) and mix the powder into the liquid.
  • Stir thoroughly for at least 1½ minutes, until the mixture is homogeneous, without introducing air bubbles. Pour the mixture carefully over the specimen and let the mixture harden.


20 Minutes (30 mm dia. mount without specimen at 21°C)

Pot Life

4 minutes

Mounting Cups

Flexiform recommended

Read and understand the MSDS for your safety when using this material.

Product Information

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