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Application Sheet for Citifluor AF87 Non-Fluorescent Immersion Oil

EMS Catalog #17976-10, 17976-25


AF87 is a non-fluorescent immersion oil of medium viscosity and has a refractive index of 1.516 and may be used as an immersion oil or as a mountant medium.

If used as an immersion oil it is recommended that the microscope objective is wiped clean after use. A useful solvent mixture for removing the immersion oil is composed of ether / ethanol (7:3 v/v) or alternatively, xylene may be used.

To use AF87 as a mountant medium it is necessary to dehydrate the sample prior to application by washing it with successive amounts of absolute ethanol prior to drying. Once the sample is dry the AF87 may be applied. The AF87 contains an antifadent to reduce the amount of fluorochrome fading. AF87 has been found useful for examining specimens generated using the technique of FISH, labeled with the fluorochromes DAPI and Cy dyes.

Properties and storage of AF87 Non-Fluorescent Immersion Oil

The immersion oil may be stored at 5° to 100°C and should be kept out of strong sunlight. It should NOT BE STORED IN A REFRIGERATOR. Occasionally small crystals are formed in the oil, but careful use of a pipette can obviate the crystals interfering with the function of the oil.

Product Information

Citifluor Non-Hardening Antifadents