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Limonene-Mount Mounting Medium

EMS Catalog #17987-01


This mounting medium is made with limonene a natural product from orange peels. It is good for preserving tissues and cell smears that can be dehydrated with organic solvents in Immunohistochemistry (IHC) e.g. DAB and DAB with nickel or cobalt. This Organo mounting medium is also suitable with alkaline phosphatase chromogens, an organic solvent resistant Super Fast Red. It is an excellent choice for mounting H and E stained slides.


Mounting tissues, cell smears in Immunohistochemistry for chromogens that are resistant to organic solvents e.g. DAB, DAB with cobalt, DAB with Nickel, Super Fast red or any other chromogens that are resistant to organic solvents dehydration. H & E (hematoxylin and Eosin) staining


Ready to use mounting medium.

Instructions For Use

  1. Dehydrate tissue or cell smear slides with dehydrating agents e.g. 30 to 100% alcohol followed by xylene, toluene or any other dehydrating reagents.
  2. Add 2-3 drops of Organo mounting medium. Apply coverslip carefully, avoiding air bubbles.
  3. Visualize slide under a microscope. The slides can be dried by leaving at room temperature overnight or by heating at 37-40°C for several hours.

Handling And Storage

2-8°C is recommended.

Product Information

Limonene-Mount Mounting Medium