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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Series Meltmount™

EMS Catalog # 17994

Notes On Use

1. Meltmount™ is a Thermal Plastic Material. This means its viscosity is dependent on temperature, (inversely dependent). As the temperature increases the viscosity decreases. There is no sharp melting point. Being thermal plastic, it is capable of "cold flow". This means the Meltmount™, the specimen, the slide and the cover slip can all move independently of each other given a mix of time, temperature, and lateral pressure or gravity.

2. Storage of prepared slides: treat them as the valuable items they are.


  1. Flat, cover slip on top
  2. In the dark
  3. Away from dust and fumes
  4. At 60 to 85°F: Meltmount™ is meant to be thermally reversible, do not allow this to happen inadvertently by storing or transporting prepared slides above 85°F.

Product Information

Series Meltmount™