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UV Mount Medium

EMS #17996

Our UV Mount Medium is designed for coverslipping epoxy, methacrylate, and deparaffinized sections directly from water or alcohol. This product matches the refractive index of JB-4 embedded sections due to the fact that JB-4 embedding resin is not removed before the staining process. Mathacrylate-based UV Mount avoids optical alterations and ultimately enhances the final image. When applied to sections with small quantities of xylene, the UV Mount tends to harden permanently within 2 minutes (upon contact with long UV light supplies from a UV polymerization lamp, thus avoiding stain leaching). We strongly advise that slides be coverslipped for viewing.


Remove the slide from the water, alcohol, and clearing agent, and drain well. Please note that these slides should not be air-dried.

Add two drops of UV Mounting Medium over the section. Depending on thickness and size of sections, more drops of the mounting medium may be required.

Coverslip with a glass coverslip. Be sure to avoid causing bubbles during this process. We recommend that any excess mounting medium be wiped clean before curing begins with a long wave UV lamp.

Lastly, place the slide under a longwave UV lamp, making sure to be within 1 inch from the light.

Please note that upon using charged slides, adhesive coated slides, or plain slides, the UV Mounting Medium will turn clear, as well as colorless, after polymerization with the long wave UV light.

In the case that you need to remove the coverslide, be aware that a short amount of time will permit the end user to heat the slide and remove the coverslip after the curing process. In the case that the slide has been coverslipped and a greater amount of time has passed after the polymerization, soak in xylene in order to remove. Be sure to check every 20 minutes until the coverslip can be removed.

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UV Mount Medium