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CitraMount® Mountant

EMS #18005-01, 18005-05

Our CitraMount® Mountant allows for a quick drying coverslip seal that is free of any d-limosene-based clearants. Several formulas have been used to allow coverslipping directly from d-limosene-based clearants with low rates of success. This product is similar to DPX without any restrictions on use. It works well with xylene, as well as non-aliphatic hydrocarbons. It does not yield faded stains whether used in Histology and Cytology. Coverslips can be removed by soaking in a d-limosene or other clearant that is used as the final solution prior to coverslipping the slide. The d-limosene or oil-based mixtures will require a longer duration for removal of the coverslip. Resorting to xylene for removal is not necessary. Our product is packaged ready-to-use.


After deparaffinizing and staining the slides, bring them up through a series of ascending alcohols to the final clearing steps in any clearant.

Then, remove the slide and continue with the coverslipping process.

To coverslip, add a small amount (one to three drops) to the slide directly and then apply the coverslip.

The CitraMount Mountant may be present as well as the clearant at the edges.

To remove, carefully tip the slide first to one side and then the other on a paper towel to blot. How you perform this task may differ from what we recommend, depending on what your procedure requires.

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CitraMount® Mountant