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Electron Microscopy Sciences

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Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit

EMS Catalog #24141


  1. Put on disposable Respirator, Open Back Gown, Goggles and Gloves. (Always wear protective gear and exercise caution during clean up.)
  2. Sprinkle FSC-1 over spill evenly. The fluid will quickly set. Add more product as necessary.
  3. Remove solidified material with Scoop and Scraper and place in one of the supplied White Disposal Bags.
  4. Clean area with a hard surface wipe or disinfectant. Wipe up any residue left behind with supplied Wiper Pads.
  5. Remove protective clothing and place all contaminated materials (Wiper Pads, Respirator, Gown, Goggles and Gloves) in supplied Disposal Bag. Seal bag with supplied Twist Tie.
  6. Dispose of all waste in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Product Information

Formaldehyde Spill Response Kit