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Giemsa For H-Pylori And Mast Cells (microwave )

EMS Catalog #26110


10% Buffered Neutral Formalin


3 microns


  1. Deparaffinize and hydrate to distilled water.
  2. Place promptly in Methanol for 2 minutes.
  3. Preheat Working Geimsa solution in microwave on high for 45 seconds. Filter the hot solution into a coplin jar containing the slides. Stain for 2 minutes.
    To prepare working solution mix:

    •  7.0 ml Geimsa Stock
    •  38 ml Distilled water
    •  5 ml Methanol
    Prepare fresh- do not reuse!!
  4. Rinse quickly in distilled water
  5. Dip one slide at a time in Acetic Acid, 1% .
  6. Rinse quickly in distilled water.
  7. Rinse in 3 changes of Methanol.
  8. Clear in Xylene and mount.

Stain Results

Red Blood Cells Pink
Nuclei Blue
H-Pylori, fungi and other bacteria Blue
Mast Cells Purple
Rickettsia Purple

NOTE: The use of methanol to dehydrate stained sections prior to mounting seems to provide lighter staining of surrounding tissue, offering better contrast with stained organisms.


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Fail, Rena , AS , HT (ASCP) Medical University of South Carolina , Histologic . Vol. XXXIV, No. 2, Nov. 2001. P 32.

Product Information

Giemsa Stock Solution
Acetic Acid, 1%
Giemsa For H-Pylori And Mast Cells