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Giemsa Thick Film Stain

EMS Catalog #: 26154-Series


None. Films are prepared by spreading 3 – 5 drops of blood on a scrupulously clean slide to form a circle of about 15mm diameter: the films are air dried by keeping in a horizontal position for 18 – 24 hours at room temperature, protected from dust and insects.


  1. Stain 40 -120 minutes in Giemsa Thick Film Staining Solution (#26154-01). *
    1. To prepare Giemsa  Thick Film Staining Solution from  Giemsa Stock Solution (#26154-03)., mix before use:
                  Giemsa Stock Solution (#26154-03) - 1 ml
                  Phosphate Buffer (#26154-02) - 2 ml
                  Distilled Water - 47 ml
  2. Wash 5-10 minutes in distilled water or Phosphate Buffer (#26154-02)
  3. Dry in the Air and examine.

Stain Results:

Malarial Parasites Clear Red Chromatin
Cytoplasm Clear Blue
Red Corpuscles Not seen due to lacking of hemoglobin during drying


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