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Prussian Blue Stain for Non-Hemoglobin Iron

EMS Catalog #: 26161-Series




  1. Rapidly air dry smear or imprint.                          
  2. Flood slide with Wright Staining Solution (#26161-02).
  3. Dilute the stain (on slide) with Phosphate Buffer (#26161-03). Leave for a length of time suitable to stain strength and cellularity of film.
  4. Immerse slide in Prussian Blue Staining Solution for 10 minutes. Prepare Prussian Blue Staining Solution by mixing two parts of  Potassium Ferrocyanide 2% (#26161-1A) and three parts of Hydrochloric Acid, 1% (#26161-1B). Prepare fresh, just before use.
  5. Wash briefly in distilled water until pink color appears, and drain dry.
  6. If desired dehydrate, clear and mount with synthetic resin.

Stain Results:

Particulate Iron and non- granular cytoplasm of many Macrophages Blue to Blue-green
Other Comparable to original films stained with Wright Staining Solution


Clark, G. Staining Procedures, Williams and Wilkins Co. Baltimore, 3rd ed., c. 1973, p.130.

Sundberg, R., and Broman, H., Blood, 10160-6, 1955.

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Prussian Blue Stain for Non-Hemoglobin Iron