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Maldonado's Method For Pancreatic Islet Cells

EMS Catalog #26458


Bouin's without Acetic Acid


Paraffin, @ 6 Microns

Staining Procedure

  1. Deparaffinize and hydrate to distilled water.
  2. Stain for 10 minutes in Phloxine Solution, 1% (26202-01) Rinse in distilled water.
  3. Place for 1 minute in Phosphotungstic Acid, 3% (26458-02). Rinse in distilled water.
  4. Stain for 30 seconds in Azure II Solution, 0.05% (26458-03) Rinse in distilled water.
  5. Stain in Weigert's working solution for 1 minute. Rinse in distilled water.
    To prepare Weigert's Working solution:
    Mix just before use:
    1 part Weigert's A (26458-04)
    1 part Weigert's B (26458-05) DO NOT REUSE!!!!!

  6. Dehydrate in 95% alcohol, absolute alcohol and clear in xylene, two changes each.
  7. Mount with Permount (17985)


Human Tissue
Alpha granules:
Beta granules:
Violet Blue
D-cell granules:
Light blue with evident granules
Exocrine cells:
Grayish blue with red granules


Maldonado, R. and San Jose, H. Stain Techn., 42:11-13, 1967

Luna , L.G., (ed.), Manual of Histologic Staining Methods of the AFIP, 3rd edition, McGraw, N.Y.
p. 105, c. 1968

Product Information

Phloxine Solution, 1%
Phosphotungstic Acid, 3%
Azure II Solution, 0.05%
Weigert's A
Weigert's B
Maldonado's Method For Pancreatic Islet Cells