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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

ETC Bond

EMS #50380-525, 50380-556, 50380-568, 50380-597, 50380-805

Our line of ETC Bonds provide solutions to a wide range of electrical, electronic, and thermal design issues often faced throughout the industry.


Before using, all surfaces must be free of the following: oil, grease, dirt, corrosives, oxides, paint, and other contaminants. If needed, sandblast or abrade non-porous surfaces. You may choose to etch the surface as well.


Two-component products should be mixed well before dispensing process. If you are using high-viscosity systems, each component can be pre-heated separately at 100-125°F in order to ease the mixing and dispensing process.


Apply the adhesive to both of the surfaces and dispense a glue line that is less than 10mL. You can then assemble the parts. Applied pressure will prevent any malleability and will reduce air entrapment.

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ETC Bond