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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Triaphan Replicating Sheets

EMS Catalog #50421-10

Dissolving Processes


For the dissolving processes described below; make sure that there is absolute freedom from vibrations because the slightest oscillation causes tearing of the thin replica foils and renders the replica useless due to the formation of folds.

Place the matrix cautiously into a methylacetate bath saturated with paraffin (paraffin side upwards) until the violet color of the Triafol foil has disappeared.

Remove the matrices after 20 minutes with a glass siphon and rinse again for 5 to 10 minutes in a second fresh methylacetate bath. Then, dry matrices In a dust free place on filter paper, with the shadowing layer upwards and the paraffin layer downwards. Then, cut specimens with a razor blade into small squares having an edge length of approximately 2 mm, place these (vaporization layer downwards) on the surface of clean electron microscopic specimen carriers (specimen diaphragms or grids), and weigh them by placing a small piece of brass wire mesh (0.3 mm wire, 0.6 mm mesh width, size 2 mm x 2 mm) on them.

Place the specimen diaphragms, which have been weighed in this manner, in a bath with heated toluene p. A. with forceps for removing the paraffin. Leave them in the toluene bath until the paraffin has been removed completely (approximately 10 minutes). Remove all paraffin traces in a second toluene bath.

Take out specimen carrier cautiously and dry carefully. The replica foil may easily tear if the liquid which is contained in that diaphragm cone is sucked out suddenly.

Therefore, place the diaphragms on the filter paper first with one edge only. When the specimens are dry, the wire meshes can be thrown off easily.

Contaminated or damaged specimens can usually be eliminated by light microscopic control.

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