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R-UNIVERSAL Epitope Recovery Buffer (10x stock)

EMS Catalog #62719-10

About the R-UNIVERSAL Epitope Recovery Buffer

Epitope recovery on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections requires heat-induced treatment in buffer or sometimes in the proteolytic treatment of the deparaffinized tissue section. Which buffer you use depends on your application and on the exact antibody.

For individual antigens, the time of recovery in the individual buffer should be defined, as this may differ, and the treatment often destroys the epitope.

Universal buffer may be used in any heat-induced epitope recovery system, but was specifically adjusted for the tissue sections processing in the Retriever (CAT.# 62700-20, 62700-10).

By using the R-UNIVERSAL Epitope Recovery Buffer, we guarantee the highest rate of success in recovering epitope for any antibody, especially one that was never previously used on formalin-fixed sections.


Clear, non-toxic solution. May be slightly irritable for sensitive skin and eyes. Please wear gloves while handling this product.


R-UNIVERSAL Epitope Recovery Buffer is supplied as a 10x concentrate. For epitope recovery, dilute 1 part of stock with 9 parts of deionized water.


Place deparaffinized sections into slide chamber, fill the buffer until the frosted part of the glass. Run a recovery cycle in the Retriever according to its manual.

Stability and Storage

The preparation is stable for 1 year when stored unopened at +4°C. Every lot is issued with an expiration date.

Product Information

R-UNIVERSAL Epitope Recovery Buffer (10x stock)