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Cellattice™ Micro-Ruled Plastic Cell Culture Surface

EMS Catalog #63571-25

Product Description

Cellattice™ Micro-Ruled Plastic Cell Culture Surfaces consist of a cell culture surface with microscopic identification and measurement markers. It is manufactured with high optical quality plastic suitable for phase contrast and other standard cell-based assay measurement techniques. Cell cultures on the Cellatice™ are identifiable within 25 micrometers.


  • 25mm diameter
  • 10mm x 10mm micro-ruled area identifiable to within 25µm
  • Total thickness between 0.13mm to 0.16mm


Identifying the Cell Location MarkersImaging and Observation
  1. Locate each 1mm2 area using numbers 1 to 100.

  2. Locate each 100 µm2 area using column 1 to 10 and row A to J.

  3. Locate individual cell or cell cluster using tick marks at 25µm integral.
For best results, use phase contrast optics for imaging and observing Cellattice™ markings.
  1. Phase contrast image of chicken dorsal root ganglion neurons on Cellattice™ coverslip..

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