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Electric Benchtop Dryers

EMS Catalog #64400-01, 64400-03, 64401-02, 64401-03

Why Electric Benchtop Dryers?

Increase drying space – there are 1, 2, and 3-tier models are available! Double-sided benchtop models double your capacity with minimal increase in footprint. Increase flexibility – each dryer comes with an assortment of pegs in various lengths. Electric models have baskets for holding small labware. Additional pegs and baskets customize your dryer and can be purchased separately.

Peg Assemblies

On each panel, pegs should be arranged with the small pegs on the top rows and large pegs on the bottom rows. To ensure that pegs are not impacted too tightly for removal or rearrangement, do not force the pegs into the peg holes.

Product Information

Electric Benchtop Dryers