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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

arrow14EVOS® Customer Testimonials

Researchers use EVOS® Cell Imaging Systems in their labs every day.
Here's what some users have to say:


"EVOS gives better-quality images, compared to a couple of other epifluorescence microscopes here at Yale. It has higher sensitivity and [is]...easier to use."
R Fan | Yale University

"Easy to train on, use, and get an immediate idea whether your experiment worked or not, even in cells still in culture."
K Sakamoto | University of Georgia

"The simplicity and intuitive setup makes EVOS "bullet-proof" against misuse, work loss, and damage... EXTREMELY practical, portable, and reliable multi-purpose instrument."
F Naftolin | New York University

"EVOS is so FAST and easy to use... We are very pleased... An easy-to-use yet highly functional scope to meet virtually ALL our imaging needs."
E Min | National Jewish Health

"EVOS is so easy to use... it's very popular in the labs... We are very satisfied with the quality and extremely happy with the support from AMG."
C Guo | Oregon Health & Science University

"EVOS is my everyday bread and butter... exceptionally versatile... uniquely balances ease of use and versatility... ingeniously implemented."
P Drain | University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

"EVOS is easy to use and maintain... It provides quality images and allows us to take pictures easily... We like the microscope very much."
M Muench | Blood System Research Institute

"EVOS is convenient, easy to use, and provides us with very good-quality images... the graphical interface and the ability to instantly overlay images from different dyes is so easy!"
V Lombardi | Whittemore Peterson Institute, University of Nevada

"EVOS brought convenience, ease, and agility to the work in the lab, increased the quality of images produced, and allowed a discussion among colleagues at the time of the experiment."
Milene Tavares Batista | University of São Paulo, Brazil

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