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Rodent Brain Matrices (RBM)

EMS Catalog #69020 to 69042-S


RBMs are designed to aid the basic research scientist in the free-hand dissection of rodent brains. A matrix allows the investigator to slice either coronal (perpendicular to center line) or sagittal (parallel to center line) sections through the brain at intervals as small as 1 mm. All RBMs are identical and durable to ensure reproducible sections.

RBMs are constructed from high grade zinc to allow for rapid temperature equilibration, easy cleaning, and sterilization. The matrices are designed to accommodate the brains of rodents placed ventral side up. The channels are precisely cut at 1 mm intervals and 0.3 mm wide

Before Using the RBM

  1. Each channel adds 1.0 mm to slice thickness.
  2. It is recommended that three double-edge razors be used, as they are thinner than single-edge razors, and therefore two blades can fit in the same channel. When using double-edge razors, the top edges of the blades should be taped for operator safety. Any combination of single-edge razors can be used.


  1. Remove brain from skull and place it ventral side up in the RBM. The brain's ventral surface must be parallel and seated below the top surface of the device.
  2. Place the first blade in the applicable channel nearest the caudel-most boundary of the intended slice.
    Note: Operator determines which channel, depending on sectioning goals.
  3. Next, place two blades in the channel which correspond to the rostal boundary.
  4. Once all three blades are in place, lift out desired slice between the first two blades, leaving the third blade (most-rostal blade) in place, thus eliminating any movement on the brain and the remaining blade now serves as the first blade to be used for the removal of the next slice.
  5. Immediately after every use, rinse and clean matrix thoroughly to remove any tissue residue.

Product Information

Rodent Brain Matrices (RBM)