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Illustrated Instructions for using Secureslip™ Cell Culture Coverslips

EMS Catalog #70462

To place a SecureSlip™ into a culture plate

  1. Place on workbench as shown (Figure 1). Aseptically peel back sterile pouch with top plastic liner to expose SecureSlips™ (Figure 2).
  2. Using sterile forceps, lift indivdual SecureSlips by the silicone backing (Figure 3). Lift slowly, allowing time for silicone to release. Put at an angle close to the plastic carrier. Place SecureSlips into Sterile CultureWell plates or culture dishes as shown in Figure 4.

To culture cells on SecureSlip glass coverslips

Flood plate with a suspension of cells in medium. Allow the cells to attach or 1-24 hours in a humidified CO2 incubator.

After cultivation, cells can be washed, fixed and stained in the plate using standard protocols. The hydrophobic silicone creates a fluid barrier to facilitate antibody incubations on coverslips.

To remove a Secureslip from a plate

Grasp the silicone backing with forceps and pull slowly upward releasing the silicone backing form the plate surface.

Coverslip handling and mounting

Coverslips can be affixed to a slide by means of the tacky silicone backing for routine processing of slides. The silcone backing can also be used to create a water barrier for probe incubations under the coverslip inverted and mounted on a slide (Figure 6). The silicone backing can also be easily removed by peeling it away from the coverslip for routine slide mounting (Figure 7).

SecureSlips™ are for laboratory use only.

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