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Electron Microscopy Sciences

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LKB Grid Storage Box

EMS Catalog #71147-01, 71147-12


This is the classic EM grid storage box:

  • Size: 3" (75 mm) (L) x 2⅛" (55 mm) (W) x ¼" (7 mm) (H)
  • Has 100 diamond shaped holes for storing up to 100 EM grids, either 3.05 mm or 2.3 mm in diameter
  • Annotation area is along the border of the upper surface of the box
  • Comes with 10 index cards

Construction Materials

The Box

  • ABS (a copolymer of Acrylonitrile, Butadien and Styrene)
  • DO NOT expose box to temperatures above 70°C

The Lid

  • Polymethacrylate (Flexiglas®, Perspex®)
  • DO NOT expose lid to temperatures above 45°C

Note: Neither the box nor the lid will resist organic solvents.

How to Use

Before First Use

  1. Clean both box and lid in lukewarm water that contains a small amount of detergent
  2. Rinse with distilled water
  3. Dry box under a jet of dry air (recommended) or let air dry
  4. After cleaning, check that the holes are free from dust or other foreign particles

To Open Box

Hold in one hand, gently squeeze the sides while using thumb or forefinger of other hand to push the grid box upward in order to expose the diamond shaped holes.

To Store Grids

Note: Insert or remove grids with a pair of forceps; grids are to be stored, one to a hole, standing on edge.

  • 3.0 mm grids: insert on the long diagonal of the hole
  • 2.4 mm grids: insert along the short diagonal of the hole

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LKB Grid Storage Box