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Electron Microscopy Sciences

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Slide Coating Device (Film Casting Device)

EMS Catalog #71305

EMS Slide Coating Device produces uniform thin films of formvar, nitrocellulose or Butvar directly on microscope slides.

The device comes with:

  • 500ml size flask with two valves, one for air in and one for air out.
  • Film casting cylinder, holds about 30-40 ml of solution, is connected tightly to the flask by two springs.
  • Dust cover cup
  • Atomizer bulb, serves as a pump.

To coat the slide:

  • Connect Atomizer to the stopcok-valve (red)
  • Remove Film Casting Cylinder (very carefully pull the cylinder all the way up and out of the flask. A long stem is very fragile !!!!) by removing the two holding springs and lifting the cylinder straight up. Pour about 100 ml of film casting solution (such as Formvar solution EMS Catalog #15820; Parlodion solution EMS Catalog #12620; Butvar solution EMS Catalog #11850) into the flask.
  • Return Film Casting Cylinder to the flask and secure with two holding springs.
  • A clean, dry microscope slide is lowered into the Film Casting Cylinder and put the dust cover cup on.
  • Turn off the air-out valve (black) and turn on the air-in stopcok (red).
  • Squeezing slowly the Atomizer. The solution in the flask is forced by air pressure up through the stem into the casting cylinder (watch out for the desired level of solution to stop squeezing the bulb)

To drain the solution:

  • Turn off the air-in stopcok
  • The solution is drained by venting the pressure via the air-out valve. The drainage rate can be controlled by manipulating the air-out valve by slowly loosing the valve. Fast drainage, the thicker of the film. Slow drainage the thinner of the film.
  • Remove the slide and let it dry

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EMS Slide Coating Device, Atomizer bulb, is available online from the EMS Catalog. For ordering or product information, click here.