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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Tissue Rotator

EMS #71780

Principle of Operation

The purpose of the Tissue Rotator is to slowly agitate biological specimens in their appropriate fixation, dehydration and intermediate fluids, in order to cause better and uniform infiltration of liquids into the specimen automatically. Tissues may be infiltrated gradually and handled conveniently in special carriers having screen bottoms. The variable speed and adjustable tilt of the rotational head can be set to maximize infiltration conditions. Further advantages are the use of a standard vial in which the tissue holder is contained, the small amounts of infiltrating medium used and the handling of complete set of tissues within each screened vial. In most cases, it would be expected that tissue preservation and sectioning properties will be improved.


  1. Place vial with specimens and media into Lucite disc.
  2. Adjust tilt of Lucite disc to about 60° with the black knobs located on the right and left sides of the unit. This angle will be close to optimum mixing for most tissues.
  3. Turn the rotator on and adjust the speed. Note: the on/off switch and the speed control are on the back of the unit.
  4. Set a timer for the required infiltration or running time.

Replacing the Fuse

The fuse is located inside the housing of the motor.

  1. Unplug the Rotator.
  2. Unscrew the four screws holding the back plate and replace fuse, if necessary, with a 0.5A fuse. DO NOT use any higher amperage fuse.

Product Information

Tissue Rotator