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Electron Microscopy Sciences

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Tube Revolver

EMS Catalog #71785


The Tube revolver is designed to mix solution, reagent and other chemical substances
for scientific industries. Features include:

  • A maintenance-free motor with quiet operation
  • "Plug and Play" operation
  • Adjustable paddle angle
  • Five interchangeable rotisseries (Included)
  • LED readout for speed
  • Manual rotating direction change

    Inspection Upon Receiving

    Upon receipt of package, inspect for any visible external damage, noting it on the freight bill and enter your claim with the CARRIER. Once opened, inspect unit itself for any damage. Carrier should arrange an official inspection to verify your findings. Save all shipping packing until you are sure the unit has been delivered on good condition. Make sure all accessories are also accounted for. If unit needs to be returned, please contact customer service at 800.523.5874.


    • Follow all city, county, or other ordinances in your area regarding the use of this unit.
    • Use only approved accessories.
    • Place the unit on level and sturdy surface, avoiding noise and/or vibration.
    • Ensure the stability of the unit while in use.
    • Use ONLY the enclosed power supply adapter to supply the unit.
    • DO NOT top off tube to avoid splashing while stirring.
    • DO NOT modify system components. Any alterations or modifications to the instrument may be dangerous and will void the warranty.
    • DO NOT modify the power cord provided with the unit. If the plug does not fit an outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician.
    • DO NOT clean the unit with corrosive or flammable liquid.
    • DO NOT mix the flammable or any hazardous liquids.

    Specifications Table

    Rotation Speed 10-49 RPM

    Combination of 4 Paddles of 7x10/15 ml Tubes

      7x5/7 ml Tubes
      15x1.5/2.0 ml Tubes
      21x0.5/0.8 ml Tubes
      One Paddle of 6x50 ml Tubes
    Standard Paddles (2 each) For 10 ml/15 ml tubes
      For 5 ml/7 ml tubes
      For 1.5 ml/2 ml tubes
      For 50 ml tubes
    Operating Temp 4°C - 60°C
    Outermost Dimensions: 225 x 154 x 195 mm
    Power 10W
    Power Supply 110-240V/50-60Hz
    Certifications: CE, RoHS, WEEE, CSA

    Instructions and Installation Procedures

    Panel Instruction

    The LED display shows the settings and working status.

    Rotisserie Installation

    1. Hold the tube revolver housing firmly, insert one end of the rotisserie axle into the slot, turn it until it clicks into place, and insert the other.
    2. Mount the desired tube rack.
    3. Place 0 rings into the groove on the rotisserie axle.
    4. Load the tubes onto the tube rack.


    1. Install the rotisserie with reference above, "Rotisserie Installation".
    2. Mount the corresponding tube on the rotisserie.
    3. Turn the power switch to "on".
    4. Switch the operation mode between "rotating" and "reciprocating" by pressing "MODE" button.
    5. Set the speed by pressing "SPEED-UP" "SLOW DOWN" button when it is on "rotating" mode.
      *50ml tube rack could be installed with or without the rotisserie axle.
      **LED shows "00" on "reciprocating" mode; LED shows the last speed setting value when it is on "rotating" mode.

    Troubleshooting, Cleaning and Disposal

    Troubleshooting - If the unit does not start:

    1. Power connection may be off - Turn on the power switch or connect the power cord to the mains socket.
    2. The rotisserie may be installed incorrectly - Reinsert rotisserie into the cross recess.
    3. The fuse may be blown - Change Fuse.


    For safe use, please clean the tube revolver as follows:

    • Wear gloves while cleaning.
    • Unplug the power cord before cleaning.
    • Do not spray the unit.
    • Clean the unit with a soft damp cloth or a mild non-corrosive detergent.
    • Be sure that the unit is completely dry before operation.

    Disposal and Recycling Information

    This product shall NOT be treated as household waste. In line with EU Directive 2012/19/EU for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), this electrical product must not be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste. Please dispose of this product by returning it to the point of sale or to your local municipal collection point for recycling.

    Tube Revolver