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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Technical Data Sheets

Digital Hourglass

EMS Catalog #72093

Digital HourglassSetting the Clock

Note: Before using for the first time, be sure to open the battery compartment and remove the plastic tab from the battery contact.

  1. Press all 3 buttons together to view the clock.
    NOTE: The hour is displayed at the top of the timer; the minute is at the bottom.
  2. Press the SET button for 3 seconds until the hour and minute flash.
  3. To set the HOUR – Press the HR button. LCD cycles through 1-12 AM/PM.
  4. To set the MINUTES – Press the MIN button.
  5. To activate the clock – Press the SET button.

Setting the Timer

  1. If in clock mode, press the button button to display the timer.
  2. Clear all settings – Press the MIN and the SEC button at the same time until the LCD indicates 00 minutes and :00 seconds.
  3. To set MINUTES to be counted – Press the MIN button. (Up to 99 minutes can be set.)
  4. To set SECONDS to be counted – Press the SEC button. (Up to 59 seconds can be set.)
Digital Hourglass Upper Position: LCD displays time remaining in minutes (maximum 99 min.)

Lower position: LCD displays time remaining in seconds (maximum 59 sec.)

Operating the Timer

The Digital Hourglass can be used as a conventional digital timer using the buttons, or as an hourglass.

Operating as an Hourglass

After setting, flip Digital Hourglass over and it will begin to count down.

The digital sand in the upper part of the timer indicates the amount of time remaining in the countdown. The sand drops to the bottom as the timer counts down.

  • Each time Digital Hourglass is turned upside down during count down, the flow of the digital sand and the timing sequence reverses
  • The timer will beep for 1 minute at the end of the set time
  • To End Alarm: Press START/STOP
  • Digital hourglass always retains the last time setting
  • To start another count-down of the same duration, flip the timer over again

Operating as a Conventional Timer

  1. To start countdown – Press the START/STOP button.
  2. Once activated, press the START/STOP button to pause the countdown. To resume the countdown, press the START/STOP button again.
  3. To view clock during timing mode – Press and hold the MIN or SEC buttons. Release to return to the timer mode.

Replacing the Battery

Open the battery compartment and replace the battery with one 1.5V button cell (LR44 or AG13).

Product Information

Digital Hourglass