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EMS Magnetic Induction Stirrer – Frequently Asked Questions

EMS Catalog #72365-10, 72365-20

How long can you use the stirrer in continuous mode?

For as long as you need. 24 hours, multiple days, whatever your protocol requires.

How much heat does the stirrer generate?

Zero. With no moving parts, there is no heat generated by its operation.

Can you use the stirrer in a cold room?

Yes. You can use the stirrer to temperatures down to 2°C.

Can I use the stirrer in an incubator?

Yes, but only conventional fan assisted or convection incubators (not CO2) up to 40°C. The zero-heat output of the stirrer will not affect the incubators performance.

Can you use the stirrer with sensitive cell lines?

Yes. The low stirring speeds are ideal for slow and controlled stirring.

What is the auto reverse rotation mode?

In the auto reverse rotation mode you can program the stirrer to automatically stir one direction, then stop and stir in the other direction. The number of cycles can be set up to 99 times.

Why would I use the auto reverse rotation mode?

The auto reverse rotation mode is ideal for helping to dissolve solids and stirring of more viscous solutions. By constantly changing the direction of the stirring, it ensures the most thorough of mixing and can help reduce mixing time.

What happens if there is a spill on the stirrer?

The shape of the stirrer housing guides any spillages away from the electrical components, which are also protected by the seamless top shell.

How can you clean the stirrer?

You can use any standard detergents or disinfectants that are compatible with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, more commonly known as ABS.

What are the best magnets to use in a stir bar?

The best available are 'rare earth' magnets as they provide the strongest magnetic force for the longest period of time, providing excellent coupling under the most difficult of conditions. Stir bars made from ALINCO also have a very strong magnetic force and are more often used when cost is a factor.

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